Tomboys in the Wild: The Story Behind the Traveler Underwear

You’re heading to Thailand for three weeks of island hopping and jungle trekking and you can only pack one carry-on bag. Or perhaps you’re about to spend six days hiking in the remote mountains of interior British Columbia with everything you need on your back and where every ounce of weight saved is one you don’t have to carry over a tall mountain pass. Or maybe you’re going to attempt your first multi-day stage race down the coast of California. Whatever your adventure you’ve got one question: what travel underwear are you going to pack?

Well, we’ve got you covered there. Meet the Traveler underwear. The Traveler is, you guessed it,underwear for travel. And not just any travel underwear but the kind that can be worn, washed, and worn again. Travel underwear that has superior moisture wicking, is breathable, and quick-drying. Our underwear for travel doesn’t chafe, ride up, and is comfortable after a 15 hour bus ride to Dharamshala, India. Because we know that where you’re going, you don’t have the time to sit around in a laundromat waiting for the spin cycle. Just like you don’t want to be carrying a massive bag full of extra sets of clothing, socks and underwear.

When we invented the Traveler underwear we did it with all the adventuresome, hard charging, limit-pushing Tomboys in mind. Which is why this super soft underwear has all the features you need with none of the weight or bulk.

Tough as can be:

The Traveler underwear is super lightweight and thin, but despite that you won’t find it wearing out anytime soon. Made from 94% Nylon for abrasion and wear resistance the Traveler is designed to go and keep going. What's even better is you don't have to worry about chafing when wearing them.

Coming up for air:

Since the Traveler is made with a Jacquard jersey knit it’s more breathable and stretchy than other knits, which means increased ease of movement on the body. The Jacquard knit makes for some of the best travel underwear as it’s lighter weight and packs down even smaller so it won’t take up space.

Rubba dub dub:

Who's ready to hand wash their undies in the sink? We know we are. We know that when you’re packing light and on the move a good old sink wash can be your best friend. Luckily for you, the Traveler underwear is designed to be washed in just such a way and dry fast at the same time. The quick drying time means you won't have to wait forever to wear them again. Our quick dry underwear is the perfect travel companion.

Clean freaks worry not:

Our travel undies have superior odor control and wicks moisture so you don't have to deal with any unwanted scents. The Traveler is made with Silvadur antibacterial and odor-suppressing finishing so there’s no funk, no stink, no gross. Silvadur finishing emits silver ions, killing dangerous microbes and keeping you feeling fresh.

Because Tomboys will be Tomboys:

We were inspired to create super soft nylon underwear with functional qualities desirable for the active lifestyles, traveling, weekend trips, hiking, or just every day comfort because we know our customers lead adventurous lives and need breathable underwear to support them. After all, just because you’re slogging up a 4,000 foot peak climb doesn’t mean you can’t have buttery smooth, oh so comfortable underwear for hiking.


  • RenegadePilgrim

    I wish these had come out three months ago before I left on a two month trip around the world. I took my MicroModal undies and they did pretty good too. Might have to give these a go and see how they compare. I travel a lot for work. And for pleasure.

  • Tams Fletcher

    Oh so so so bummed these new traveler undies do not come with any kind of fly option. Hikers, climbers, traveler’s – the women who ID as women who most use STPs.
    When I saw the email I was so excited – hopes dashed as a sit looking at my Outdoor Research Echo Mens Boxer Briefs stretched over my pack to try to stretch out that elastic for mens tiny hips so I can wear them on an upcoming month long hike.
    I love TomboyX but I USE the fly; it isn’t a cute decorative motif its essential for me on trail, or when I have a climbing harness on, when I have to use interesting public sanitation options.

  • Jane Lynch

    Well, this old lady is loving the undies. I have numerous pairs, have given as gifts and watch the sales to add to my collection. Now that you are expanding your swimwear collection, my wish is a shelf bra tankini. Most have padding and/or an underwire (which some tomboys need) but a cute, not too clingy to the tummy, top is hard to find. Jane

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