The Story Behind "Rise Up"

At TomboyX, we live by the human agenda. We seek to build an inclusive community of respect, of positivity, and of acceptance, moving past the negativity and the infighting to make real change in the world. That is the foundation of our “Rise Up” Campaign. We want to give you ownership of this movement, and in so doing, you support impactful organizations and help them move closer to their goals.


In November 2016, Naomi and I were presented with the opportunity from one of our vendors to collaborate on a product with a cause. They generously offered to cover the cost of the item, and we took charge of the design, sales, and proceeds donations. We all agreed on the powerful message “Rise Up” that we felt resonated loudly around the world. It is an empowering statement that’s about standing up for things you care about, coming together to right injustices, and fighting against things you think are wrong. 


Rise Up Women's March


Our role in culture expands beyond profitability, and we knew from the start that we were going to donate proceeds of the “Rise Up” products to organizations we believed in. We chose organizations that we feel are in need of support right now. We started with Planned Parenthood because in my past life as a Video Producer, I did work for them and have seen first hand the amazing work they do for people both in cities and in rural, underserved areas. They provide much needed healthcare services that is not available anywhere else. 


We wanted to spread the money to multiple organizations, so we additionally raised money for The International Rescue Committee (IRC). We want to continue standing up against the bigotry that is growing in our country. Immigrants are a vital part of our history and economy, and banning them is not who we are as Americans. In total, we are proud to have raised over $15,000 for Planned Parenthood and The IRC. The divisiveness within our country is growing and those of us who believe in the Human Agenda need to make sure that love wins. Let’s keep going! Spread the message, and let’s try to hit $25,000.


See our Rise Up Tee or Rise Up Watch Cap to donate now.