Get excited fam. TomboyX is releasing our first new bra silhouette in more than a year and we are big time excited. When we set out to design this bra we wanted to create something unlike we had ever done before. Something that had all the great comfort and feel that you’ve come to know and expect from TomboyX. To celebrate the launch of the new bra we sat down with Product Designer Jaimie and the namesake of the bra itself, our Customer Service Lead, Michal. In this interview we talk about how the bra came to be, why bra shopping can be a literal nightmare, fatphobia is the actual worst, and what TomboyX is doing to ensure our customers feel seen, heard, and comfortable.

Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do at TomboyX.

Michal: I run our Customer Support team here at TomboyX and my main job is to ensure our customer finds their perfect fit and feels seen and heard by our brand. This is the foundation of TomboyX and what makes our product stand out. It is a passion of mine to be a voice of customer feedback. Being at TomboyX means I can do this in a way that increases queer representation and body representation.

Jaimie: I am the Product Developer here at TomboyX. What that means is I am involved in all aspects of development. I primarily source and develop our materials (fabric, elastic, and trims), develop new styles and improve existing styles (fit sessions, wear testing, and communicating with the factories) and general trouble-shooting in regard to our products.

What important elements do you think this bra brings to the TomboyX lineup?

Michal: I have been part of forums and fat positive women groups for a while now and have known the limitation of plus size comfortable bras for a long time and let me tell you, the struggle has been real. I shared the want for a plunging neckline that also offered support and coverage in the right areas. The main highlight of this bra is that it offers amazing underarm coverage while creating a flawless and seamless lift with our same comfort and style. I believe we needed an "power" bra- something to wear to feel like a superhero, something that makes you feel powerful, uplifted, sexy and like you are the CEO of your life.

Jaimie: Our intentions were to create a comfortable bra that is more supportive. The lower neckline means there is more versatility for your wardrobe while the openings for foam inserts or prosthetics mean the bra is more adaptable. From a design standpoint, the full back leads to additional support while the crossover in the front means additional support and the benefit of a new silhouette.

From your involvement, can you give the customers a peak behind the TomboyX design process and let them know what makes our bras so special?

Michal: Our bras are made with intensely comfortable fabric and it takes ingenuity to build that fabric into a design that works. We have thrown out the idea and structure of typical bras and created something in a new category. A flexible, comfortable fit for all bodies.

Jaimie: First, we prioritize our customer wants and needs and we always fit our garments on multiple sizes and body types. We go through repeated iterations of every product to make sure that we have just the right fit, not just in once size, but in all our sizes. And finally, we make thoughtful decisions regarding materials and sourcing to achieve the most comfortable fit possible, while retaining our ethical and environmental standards of manufacturing.

Can you tell us a little bit about how the larger sizes of the Michal Crossover Bra differ from the smaller sizes and what those design changes do?

Jaimie: The larger sizes are internally lined with Power Mesh, a streamlined, breathable mesh that adds support and a little bit of compression for sizes 2X-4X. This extra support is ideal for people with larger chests.

What do you look for in a bra? How do you feel the Michal Crossover Bra delivers on those expectations?

Michal: I personally look for comfort, support and something that I want to put on every day, not something I have to. I look for softness with the ability to hold up my weight and impact on a daily basis. I am an athletic fat woman who likes to move and play and I want something to be there for me and that can hold up. I don't believe in underwire, but I also don't believe in compromising support. The Michal Bra is made to not pinch or be tight around the torso and adds support through the crossover feature and the extra firm fabric on the sides under the arms. This is like a secret sauce for comfort and I want other companies to know this. The plunging neckline and strong shape gives hold and lift in the right way. It’s not about showing off, it’s about the support and how it makes you feel. I hope that people find the same kind of extreme confidence I do in this bra.