The Golden Globes Meets TomboyX

Naomi and I were in NYC in December and had lunch with Caytha Jentis, the creator/director of The Other F Word, a ‘coming of age’ story about women in their 40s and beyond. She mentioned that she had a table at one of the Golden Globes gifting suites and that she was putting together a goody bag of products made by and for women, would we be interested? Of course we said yes and even offered to help staff the table during the event. After all, who wouldn’t want to get out of the Seattle rain and head to sunny LA with the opportunity to meet some rising screen stars?


Fred Willard with a TomboyX gift pack


Our marketing team was all in and offered to individually wrap TomboyX undies and put together a nice gift package for everyone. The finished product looked amazing and I can honestly say that everyone who came to the table was SUPER excited to be getting new undies. Ann Dowd from The Handmaids Tale told us our MicroModal underwear would be the only comfortable item she’d be wearing to the event. She was lovely, by the way. In fact, everyone who came by was really friendly and supportive. Of course we had highlights and moments of total star-struck awesomeness. Like when Lena Waithe (writer for Master of None and creator of The Chi, now airing on Showtime) and Alexandra Billings (Transparent) came by! It was hard not to swoon while they checked out our underwear and we talked about the TomboyX brand. :)


Ann Dowd with TomboyX co-founders



Alexandra Billings and TomboyX 


We also met Yolanda Ross, also from The Chi, Josh from Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Vincent Rodriguez III) was a hoot, the amazing Millicent Simmonds; who was fun to chat with, some folks from SMILF and many more. We loved making new friends and getting a sense of what the Golden Globes are all about. Added bonus, we found a ton of new shows to check out! 


Vincent Rodriguez III with TomboyX co-founders


Like The Chi. Seriously, it is so well done and is already as addicting as The Wire was. That same grit but with a realness that makes you feel like you’re there. It’s about time we had a show that repudiates the one dimensional characterization of Chicago’s South Side. Like all our lives, it’s complicated. And Frankie Shaw, creator of SMILF?! Wow, we are blown away. It’s so exciting to see badass women finally have a platform to tell our stories, as real and painful as they can truly be. Hats off to Showtime for giving these amazing filmmakers an opportunity to tell the stories that need to be told, and that we want to see.


Lena Waithe with TomboyX


What else have we missed? Any other suggestions for shows to get us through the winter? Would love to get your suggestions in the comments section. After all, it gets dark early in Seattle this time of year!