The Best Reasons to Try High Waisted Underwear

Leave the traditional stigmas in the past, high waisted underwear is here and it’s no longer the granny panties you used to avoid. This comfortable and functional alternative is made for all body types with endless benefits. So how has high rise underwear shattered the glass ceiling and become the new millennial-friendly option? These practical underwear keep everything right where we want them without sacrificing the confidence our underwear should give us.

Slipping into a pair of high waist briefs from our collection will give you all the feels your go-to sweatpants do. From lazy Sunday mornings and coffee runs to sleek attire that shows off your curves, your underwear will be by your side. Literally. The comfort these TomboyX undies offer makes us want to wear them under any look. They’ll hug your waist and smooth out your tummy to keep you feeling secure even on the most hectic of days.

So read on to learn how these sky high underwear might just become your new favorite thing.


Are you running around town feeling like a chicken with their head cut off? If so then this high rise underwear will be your best friend because you'll be able to save the time you used to spend time picking wedgies and use it to kick ass in meetings. Nobody has the time to drop the ball at work and those long hours you’re clocking requires having functional high rise underwear to go along with it. These underwear are soft, breathable, flexible, and cut in all the right places for that seamless feel throughout the day. Whether you work in an office that requires business attire or one that keeps it casual, high rise underwear will keep you fresh under all that fabric.

If pants are your daily go-to, you can count on these high rise undies to bring the love and not the chaffing. Slip them on under your black business pants you're instantly ready for that Monday morning meeting and the ten more that follow. These comfortable underwear have structure that is built to be on the go so you won’t experience the wandering underwear that needs to be readjusted after power walks through your office halls. It stays in place and right where you want it, so you can save the stress for your meetings. High waist underwear effortlessly slip under any pants so you can feel confident, not constrained, in front of a room full of people.

With high rise undies, you will avoid visible panty lines while getting that secure feeling of the higher waist. Whether you’re slipping into the same thrasher jeans from yesterday or Bermuda high waist shorts, they’ll adapt (even if it’s under the form-fitting dress you toss on maybe once a year). Keeping you smooth and your presence powerful lets you feel your best.

Every Day Undie

Don’t let your clean underwear stack rule your decision for the day. You want the versatility that goes with your everyday outfit. So grab those high waisted shorts and high top tennis shoes so you can own the day. You’ll feel the comfort and forget they’re there. Because no one wants to feel restrained by their undergarments. And if you’ve been thinking about those suede pants you just picked up in the middle of summer, throw them on with our TomboyX undies and you’re free to move around without feeling like you’re preheating an oven down there.

The cropped hoodie seems to be all the rage lately and showing off our high waisted undies to match is a 2019 fashion trend for anyone living outside the box. Underwear used to be something to hide in the past or your face would flush with red. But the times have changed and we are showing it off. In fact, it’s a key ingredient to our sexy laid back look. Throw on a grey cropped hoodie with low rise joggers and a pair of TomboyX high waist briefs and you’ll be catching the eyes of most by-standers for rocking an athleisure look that combines fresh style and comfort.

While we’re talking about keeping it light, we have an outfit that will show off your stylish high rise underwear so they can be seen by more than just the party wearing them. Slip-on your TomboyX high rise undies under a long sheer skirt and cropped t-shirt so you can show your pride with our signature branded rainbow band for a resilient Saturday look. You’ll feel confident and comfortable throughout your day while keeping you extra cool for whatever life throws you.

We Don’t Discriminate

Not every pair of underwear is made the same and you should choose what fits you. No matter your style there’s a pair out there for you. The TomboyX high waist underwear set is multi-functional in all its beauty so you can have the best fit without sacrificing comfort. They create a smooth foundation so you can begin to create an outfit that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Easy Breezy

You may be thinking more coverage means more fabric which results in more heat, right? But what if we told you the design of this breathable fabric keeps you cool during the warm days in the city? Running around town and working long hours doesn’t mean you need to bring spare underwear for that afternoon heatwave. This set of undies will last you all day because you’re getting the fresh air you deserve. The fabric is designed for the active person in mind so breathability was at the top of our list of importance. With all that hustle and bustle, your underwear will keep you refreshed and on the move.


For the athlete enthusiast, we’re here to tell you that you no longer have to leave the gym early because of ill-fitting undies (but you can still use the excuse if you want). They won’t ride up under your yoga pants when you’re 27 minutes into the stair stepper and finding your last bit of motivation to hit the half an hour mark you strived so hard for. Their flexibility and breathability will make your hot yoga or sauna experience a little less unbearable and a lot more liberating.

You’re free to move around and free from underwear constraint, so all you runners out there, gift yourself some undies that can go the distance. Their stretchy fabric is created to keep you at the top of your game. These TomboyX undies are the perfect solution for your high waisted leggings or joggers you love for the gym...or grocery store runs you’ve neglected them for. They pair perfectly with a racerback bra for maximum comfort. But if workouts just became something exciting instead of claustrophobic, thank your underwear!

Lounging is a sport that requires the most comfortable attire to achieve peak success. Whether you’re taking the day off or dragging out Sunday mornings in bed, the comfortable fit of your high rise underwear will be the real MVP of your relaxing day home. We recommend grabbing your coffee and pairing your undies with an hoodie to cozy up with on the couch. Because whether it’s hot summer days or cold winter evenings, your underwear should be made with you in mind so make the switch to a better fit.

Travel Undies

Your flight is delayed due to the unpredictable weather forecast in the city you should have already landed in long before. Endless hours in the airport, running from the tram to terminal all for a plane that isn’t taking off any time soon. Frustrating, right? No one wants to be confined to the airport amenities and cold floors for 12 hours before they begin a 10-day trek in the Italian countryside. But as you find your little corner that (hopefully) has an outlet in it you’ll realize 3-day travel isn’t so bad when high waist briefs are on under the travel pants you just purchased. They’re lightweight yet durable enough to last the journey from home to paradise and all while feeling like you’re at home snuggled up on the couch. But even when your 3-day haul to a different country finally ends, you still have an adventure ahead. Your appreciation for this practical pair of travel undies will bring you joy when you realize your commuter backpack can only hold a few pairs because you’ll know the extra weight is unnecessary if you have TomboyX undies.

Avoiding Plumber’s Crack

Have you ever bent down and felt an unexpected breeze down your backside? You know, the one that makes you jump up before picking up the pen you just dropped. Well, we have a plumbers crack problem solver and these TomboyX undies are made so your movements feel less movement down there. Its seamless grip around your hips will give you the confidence to dive down and pick up the spare change that flew off the counter in front of a long line of grumpy professionals that haven’t had their morning coffee, and all without grabbing a strong hold on your jean belt loop. It’s important to shorten our list of worries, and accidentally showing off your backside can be one we toss for good.

Comfort + Style

The freedom to be you starts with the basics and TomboyX is here to support not only you, but your body. Dress head to toe in comfort, because that’s the one label that never goes out of style. Whether it’s hot summer days or cold winter evenings, your underwear should be made with you in mind, so make the switch to a better fit. Choose convenience and all around badassery in some TomboyX high waist underwear and you’ll be feeling awesome any day of the week. These flattering go-to garments give you the shape that your body deserves and are versatile enough for any outfit. Here at TomboyX, we put what our body needs at the forefront, the style just happens to follow.