Thanksgiving Socks That Will Rock Your World

person sitting on couch putting socks on

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp; the leaves are changing colors, and so are wardrobes. Say goodbye to summer tank tops and comfy flats, and say hello to chunky sweaters and classic boots. (But don’t totally put those tanks or flats away — layer summer pieces with a black turtleneck or leggings for winter-chic moments.) 

While boots may be a strong fashion statement, don’t neglect what’s underneath them. An outfit doesn’t end at the shoe: Just like the saying goes, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

No Pain, No Gain? Not Anymore.

Gone are the days of settling for discomfort to get the right shoe for an outfit. Switching out socks is a quick and easy way to level up comfort this fall. You can pair socks with everything from boots to high heels. In fact, socks and heels are one of the hottest trends at the moment!

Follow these steps to finding the perfect pair:

What To Look For in a Pair of Socks

There are three simple factors to consider: quality, cut, and size.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

During the fall and winter, socks are a part of almost every outfit, even pajamas. With frequent use and washing, it’s not a time to sacrifice quality.

Look for a mix of quality-sourced materials such as cotton, nylon, and Spandex. This will ensure socks hold up for multiple washes and still be comfortable to wear.

Find the Right Cut

  • No-Show Socks: These socks are perfect for slip-on or low-cut shoes to give you heel coverage without showing off what’s underneath. With ballet flats coming back into fashion this season, pair a no-show with them for comfort, protection against blisters, and moisture-wicking technology.
  • Ankle Length Socks: Also known as an everyday sock, these are fantastic with sneakers or ankle booties. They provide moderate ankle coverage to prevent blisters. Ankle socks have an athletic vibe and can be worn year-round, so they’re a good option to stock up on.
  • Quarter Ankle Length Socks: These are every runner’s go-to socks. With coverage to where the shoe hits the heel, they are perfect for an active lifestyle. Anklet crew socks are amazing for a casual sneakers and loungewear look. 
  • Crew Length Socks: The “it” sock of 2022. Crew socks provide coverage to the mid-calf and are great paired with a white sneaker for added outfit character. With so many fun colors and patterns to swap in and out of looks, you can never run out of options.
  • Calf Length Socks: These are a smart option when pairing with knee-high boots. This cut offers complete coverage of the calf and up to the bottom of the knee.

Every occasion calls for a different cut, so stocking up on a collection of styles makes it easy to switch up your outfit aesthetic.

Think About the Fit

Finding the right size is crucial for comfort. Typically sock sizing is identical to shoe sizing or even may be offered in “one size fits all.” Trying on a variety of styles to see how sizing may vary for your unique foot shape is the best way to guarantee a great fit. Sock sizing needs may also vary by activity.

For hiking, a thicker and larger sock may be better for layering, impact, and warmth. However, for ballet flats, a thin and smaller sock is best to ensure shoes fit snugly without being too tight.

Experiment With New Styles 

With the holiday season approaching, that means dinner parties and celebrations galore. What better time to try out new looks and embrace the holiday spirit than these next few months?

Switch up the styles by:

Trying Cool Colors

Neutral colors are always a classic option for easy pairing, but colors add flare to any look. With Thanksgiving approaching, opt for oranges, reds, or browns to sync outfits with the holiday aesthetic.

For those wanting to take a walk on the more daring side, try multi-colored socks. Holiday color palettes are creative — match your socks to the Thanksgiving decor color schemes!

Bringing Out New Patterns

Patterns are the personalities of fashion. From checkered to stripes to dogs to pizza slices, each one tells a different story. Patterned, “statement” socks have become a trend in the sock arena — making an appearance from Wall Street all the way to Silicon Valley.

They are the go-to fashion accessory to make a statement without too much effort. Who knew that simply switching up solids for patterns could be such a bold move?

Trying a Fresh Cut

It’s easy to curry favor with one or two cuts when it comes to socks. 

However, switching from an ankle sock to a crew sock on a short shoe portrays a completely different outfit aesthetic. Venture out of your comfort zone and go for something bolder this fall.

Want To Make an Impression This Thanksgiving?

Crew socks are the comeback style of 2022. It gives an “athleisure” look more character. They can be worn under sweats for a more subtle look. They can even be paired with a blazer set.

This Thanksgiving, the Anklet Crew Sock in Rainbow Spill or White with Rainbow provides a trendy option without sacrificing comfort and quality. Made of a cotton blend sourced from Peru, these socks give both that buttery, smooth texture and maximum comfort.

The ultimate athlete’s sock is the Performance Ankle Sock in gray. With active arch support and made from high-quality cotton, nylon, and Spandex materials, this performance sock provides extreme comfort.

It makes any workout feel like a walk in the park. But the Performance Ankle Sock doesn’t have to be restricted to running or working out. Pair this sock with heeled booties or a business casual outfit for extra support and comfort.

Making an impression can be intimidating and overwhelming, but the best way to elevate an outfit for Thanksgiving this year is to make it unique and unexpected.

How Did Socks Even Come To Be?

To answer this, we’ll have to go all the way back to the caveman era. During this time, cavemen wore animal skins on their ankles specifically for protection and warmth. From there, the idea of a sock evolved. Romans began wearing fabric socks, followed by the people in the Middle Ages.

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that socks started being produced in mass due to the invention of the sewing machine. During this time, socks began to gain a larger queue of sizes, colors, and patterns.

Why Wear Socks?

Socks have many utilities, but from the first pair created during the Roman Empire to now, there are core benefits that have stood the test of time.

First, socks provide warmth. As the transition to fall and winter continues, socks become a part of almost every part of the day. From walking around the house to running to the store, socks are a must during the cold weather months.

Second, they prevent what everyone dreads most: blisters. As a young kid, adults are always preaching “socks and shoes.” However, that lesson really becomes cemented after trying to wear just shoes, and the blisters seem to appear everywhere.

Finally, wearing socks helps shoes last longer. Shoes endure a ton of wear and tear externally but also internally. Socks help preserve the inside of the shoe so that your go-to pair can last through all your adventures. 


Shoes always steal the show, while socks are too often the overlooked, neglected sidekick, but not anymore! 

Socks are an essential part of every season’s wardrobe. There are many cuts, colors, and patterns of socks that, when intentionally planned, build a strong wardrobe and easily elevate outfits. 



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