Tania | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

It was the late 80's and early nineties and legalisation for homosexuals was just coming through in various states throughout Australia. I was in the military, and it was still illegal and anti-homosexual legislation was still very much active.
In 1992, it was legalised in the Australian Military and the anti-discrimination act was now enforce.  
Wearing the most uncomfortable underwear that wasn't pleasant, under uniforms, especially for an active butch lesbian wasn't appealing, especially in change rooms. Having wedgies also wasn't cool.
Now I look, decades later, a community organisation like TomboyX that designs not just underwear, but swim wear also, for and with all of us in mind. Especially us butches. Comfortable, appealing and extremely proud.
I'm proud the fight for change has happened, and it continues to happen, so we can be free and safe...as us in the rainbow family.  

Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: @tmgsoftieb