Are Striped Shirts Still in Fashion in 2022?

two people wearing beige striped shirts

In the history of fashion, stripes are one of the most frequently seen patterns, and if you ask us, it never gets old. You still see plenty of beautiful ‘fits in stripes at every store, leaving us to wonder: How can this pattern always look fresh, no matter how many times I see it? Well, that's the magic of striped clothes!

Striped shirts are still in fashion and can be styled in a variety of ways. We'll dive into that later on, but first, let us brief you on how the stripe pattern came into existence and what kept it going.  

When Did Striped Shirts First Become Fashionable?

Striped shirts first surged in popularity back in the early 1900s, when Parisian fashion houses began incorporating them into their collections, inspired by typical sailor apparel. In the 1800s, sailors wore what they called a tricot rayé, a type of undershirt. After a few years, Coco Chanel decided to bring stripes from the high seas to high fashion, and we’ve been loving them ever since. 

Over the decades, the silhouette, colors, and pattern of striped shirts have changed to reflect the ever-changing trends. In the 1970s and 80s, bold, boxy shirts with large, bright stripes were the definition of cool.

In the 1990s, plaid and gingham styles gained traction, and striped shirts took a backseat. But by the 2000s, striped shirts were back with a vengeance, thanks to the rise of preppy style and the "hipster" vibe.

5 Ways You Can Absolutely Rock Striped Shirts

If you ask us, playing dress up is a great pass-time activity and one of our favorite ways to put together the most amazing outfits. You get to mix and match your favorite pieces and create a whole new look.

With this in mind, here are five awesome ideas on how you can wear your striped shirts in such a way that you'll make heads turn wherever you go.

Two-Piece Sets and Blazers

Blazers are perfect for sprucing up your whole outfit, and nothing looks better than a solid, bold one with a striped two-piece set. 

This comfortable pairing is the perfect loungewear and can easily be spruced up by rocking your striped top with matching pants and a blazer. You do that, and voila — you have an outfit for a business meeting.

Matching Separates

Separates are a staple in the fashion world nowadays. Even if you're a fan of two-piece sets, you can get a little funky by pairing your striped co-ord top with another bottom — perhaps striped wide-legged trousers or a solid skirt that contrasts with the stripes.

For instance, this cheerful striped tank goes flawlessly with everything from striped board shorts to solid, neutral cabana shorts. Here you have the perfect beach fit, or you can also wear this at home while kicking it poolside with your friends.

Coats and Jackets

Apart from blazers and two-piece sets, long coats and cozy jackets are other cool ways to style your striped shirts. Whether it's a tee or a sweatshirt, a nice jacket will take your outfit up a notch.

Bomber jackets are a perfect match for striped T-shirts. The puffiness of the jacket gives your outfit a bold and defined look that looks absolutely ravishing in winter.

As for the warmer summer season, you can get a mesh cardigan that you can wear over your striped shirt dress. Or you can pair up a striped top with your favorite shorts and wear a kimono over it. 

Similarly, you can wear trench coats or parkas with your high-neck knitted striped turtlenecks. It's a really cool look for a casual shopping trip and even for a movie night with your date.


Accessorizing with striped shirts is also key in completing the look. A breezy way to tie everything together is by selecting accessories in colors featured in the shirt itself; this could be anything from a belt and shoes to jewelry or even pocket squares. 

When adding these elements, make sure they complement rather than overwhelm the rest of your outfit: less is often more (but not always). 


Believe it or not, the shoes you wear reveal quite a bit about your personality. Yup, it's true — a report by researchers at the University of Kansas discovered that people could predict with a striking 90 percent accuracy about the personality traits of strangers based solely (pun totally intended) on their shoes.

With this in mind, choosing the right kind of shoes is a crucial step in letting the world know the true you! If you're aiming for a casual look, a striped pullover will work great with matching sneakers. A bold, formal look asks for some high heels or dress shoes. Platforms, on the other hand, would work seamlessly with a striped crop top and luxe shorts.

Paint your picture yourself — choose what you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in, and wear it with pride!

Tips for Styling Striped Shirts

Stripes are a classic element that has always been popular in the world of fashion. They can be bold and eye-catching or subtle and stylish, depending on the wearer's preferences.

Before continuing on, we have to make one thing crystal clear. There are truly no rules in fashion. We love all kinds of styles, silhouettes, and accessories. Whatever makes you feel your best is 1000% the best choice.

After all, you’re never fully dressed without a smile, as Annie, the musical taught us. And, as Spongebob Squarepants told us, “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.” He might have been talking about sweaters, but we think it applies to stripes of all kinds, including shirts. 

With this in mind, here are some tips for styling striped shirts.

Play With Patterns

Get creative and mix with other patterns: Striped shirts don't have to be worn alone. You can pair them with other patterned pieces like plaid trousers or tartan skirts for a fun, eclectic look. To keep it super sleek, go for matching color schemes. Check your color wheel for inspiration.

Keep it balanced: It's always good practice not to mix too many patterns together, striped shirts included. Too much clashing could feel overwhelming. Think about what stripes you want to sport and where to get the full effect across.

Seek Out Striking Silhouettes

Balance tops and bottoms: If you've opted for a more oversized fit in your striped shirt, such as this Eco Fleece Hoodie, try pairing it with something fitted, such as skinny jeans or leggings. This will give your outfit more balance while still keeping comfort at its core.

Of course, you can also throw out this rule and go for baggy on baggy and live your 90s grunge moment. Or, go tight on top and the bottom with a tank top and leggings for an athleisure wow moment.         

Cue the Color          

Experiment with color combos: Stripes come in all kinds of color combinations, so feel free to experiment. You could go for traditional black-and-white stripes or experiment with shades of blue like navy-and-sky blue or baby blue-and-white.

Combination possibilities are truly endless. You can even play it up for holidays — we’re talking orange and black stripes for Halloween or rainbow stripes to celebrate Pride

Remember your accessories: To really make your striped shirt pop, add some accessories into the mix. A colorful scarf or statement necklace would bring your outfit together nicely while also adding some extra interest to the equation.  

Fit the right fit. As always, fit is everything when it comes to fashion looks, especially when wearing bold prints like stripes. A well-fitted piece is, firstly, super comfortable. It will also ensure that all the great colors and patterns shine to the best of their ability.

All brands have different sizing guidelines, so check the measurements before clicking “add to cart.” For instance, our TomboyX sizing chart includes sizes from 3XS to 6XL so that everyone can wear a striped sweater (or shirt)... all the time. 

The Final Word

No matter what kind of striped shirt you choose, whether it's classic black and white stripe knits, bold and colorful prints, or block colors, wearing them is ultimately about having fun and playing around with different looks while expressing yourself through fashion at the same time. 

So why not give some stripe combinations a go this season? After all, striped shirts remain one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe; they'll always keep you looking sharp no matter what trends come and go.


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