Join The Slow Fashion Movement

In fashion, sometimes it’s better to take things slow. That is what the rising “Slow Fashion” Movement is all about. A few slow fashion brands you may have heard of are Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and your trusty comfortable underwear shop TomboyX. Leaders in slow fashion have found creative ways to produce high-quality items with a low carbon footprint. We are excited to see the awareness of this movement growing, especially given its positive impact on the environment, factory workers, and the quality of the clothes. We want to share with you what we’ve learned about slow fashion, and encourage you to spread the knowledge of this important movement.



Tell me more about "Slow Fashion"

The designer platform Not Just A Label points out the 10 big values of the Slow Fashion Movement.

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Where did the Slow Fashion Movement originate?

Author and eco textiles consultant, Kate Fletcher, coined the term back in 2007 with this article.

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I’m a numbers person. Got any data?

The Portland Press Herald gives us data on how much money consumers often spend on fast fashion, and what that means for workers' wages.

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What's the difference between Slow and Fast Fashion?

Fashion label Study NY breaks it down, and even includes some handy graphs that illustrate the difference between a typical fashion production schedule and a Slow Fashion schedule.

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What kind of quality does Slow Fashion offer?

The Atlantic gives great insight into the kind of craftsmanship that goes into these durable and ethical alternatives to Fast Fashion.

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I'm so fired up! But how do I make a difference?

The Huffington Post provides three great ways to support the movement. Comment below to tell us how you take part in the Slow Fashion Movement!

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