Reclaiming Witch

Our guest writer, Kiki Robinson aka Opulent Witch, is a witch, psychic medium, energy healer, dancer, and creatrix living on occupied Duwamish Land, Seattle, WA. She’s also a TomboyX model, whose face may be familiar from our zodiac print pajama ads. 

We are in the midst of a collective and personal shift in consciousness here on Earth—a deep healing of thousands of centuries and collective unraveling of timelines of oppression and pain. On the precipice of the Age of Aquarius, there is a deep desire of seeking and connection to the well of magic within us.

Enter The Witch.

We're in a renaissance of witches, of folx reclaiming and discovering their unique magic. Search #witchesofinstagram and you’ll find an array of offerings from all over, a web of resourceful witches dismantling paradigms and systems. Bri Luna of the Hoodwitch has helped create accessibility for "everyday magic for the modern mystic,” Chani Nicholas blesses us with her astrological poetry, and Dacia of High Moon Femme brings insight, wisdom, and clarity through Tarot readings.

There is power in words—words are spells, and the word Witch is at the forefront of a movement. Within recent history we’ve seen the words “queer” and “dyke” reclaimed and transformed from words of violence and pain used against us to words filled with power, joy, righteous rage and celebration, while holding wells of history. And now “Witch."

Kiki Robinson

This renaissance of reclamation started surfacing in the mainstream in the 90’s and it hasn't slowed down much. Whether it’s Seventeen magazine writing an article on love spells or the current fall fashion being a throwback to the Craft, I see it as the need and desire of a collective for empowerment and healing. The desire to create change in not only our personal lives but in the collective.

My amazing teacher, Ylva Mara Radziszewski, always says “the work of the Witch is to disrupt,” and that we are. Witchcraft isn’t buying a co-opted and culturally appropriative ‘Witch Kit’, but I think there's beauty in themes of witchcraft echoing through pop-culture because it's an ignition and catalyst for those seeking their own magic. It's discovering and deepening your craft. It's connecting to your lineage and healing ancestral trauma. It’s white witches paying reparations and paying rent on stolen land. It’s prioritizing queer and trans artists and witches, having reverence and respect for the Earth, and existing as a threshold and portal to different worlds.

Our liberation isn’t liberation if it’s not for everyone. Being a witch is being connected to something that's culturally significant to you, the beauty is that you can allow your imagination and curiosity to take flight. What is healed within, also heals without. As above, so below. And so it is.