Randy | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

After nearly 50 years of suppressing, a little more than a year ago,I came out as being on the transgender spectrum - m to f.  As part of my journey I was looking for clothing that was comfortable, stylish, and feminine.  I found exactly what I needed when I discovered TomboyX.  I love the stylish undergarments.  They look great and are so comfortable - and they make me feel feminine.  My favorite panties are thongs (but that's just me), but I also love the loungewear and pajamas that I've purchased.  As a testament to just how good TomboyX products are, when my wife saw how great and stylish I looked, she ordered TomboyX boy shorts, and was hooked!  We both agree - TomboyX is the best!  I feel really good knowing that as I continue along my transition journey TomboyX will be there with me.  Thank you for being here!