6 Occasions That Call for a Rainbow Thong


What’s the best occasion for wearing a Rainbow Thong? Well, our first instinct is to say that every occasion calls for it. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like the feeling it gives you? You feel confident, sexy, and ready for anything.

But let’s talk a little bit more about practically. If you’re new to thongs, it can be confusing when trying to understand why people all over genuinely enjoy wearing them. There must be a good reason, right? In fact, there 100% is. Today we’ll talk thongs, rainbow thongs in particular.

There are definitely occasions that call for a rainbow thong. Here are some of those occasions:

1. When You Want To Avoid Underwear Lines

    There are times when the dress or bottoms you’re wearing are tight enough that you have a visible underwear line. It could be your little black dress that hugs every curve. It could also be those jeans that fit just right and show off what your mama gave you. Or, maybe, it’s your yoga pants or leggings.

    When you’re wearing any of these, maybe you don’t want to draw attention to a visible underwear line — you want the outfit to shine uninterrupted. Well, the only way around that is by going commando (totally a valid option) or by wearing a thong.

    We will say, though, that as much as we want to support your right to go commando, our rainbow thong is going to be a much safer option. You don’t want to risk getting bacteria where it’s not supposed to be.

    Your Rainbow Thong will make sure to protect your private parts and keep people’s eyes where you want them.

    It’s not that having visible underwear lines is the worst possible wardrobe malfunction to have, but it can be annoying. You don’t want them showing up in any pictures you might take on your outing with your friends or significant other. It’s just easier to go along with the thong.

    2. When You Want To Feel Comfortable

      That leads us straight into the next occasion to wear a rainbow thong and that’s when you want to feel comfortable. With all the shapes and styles of underwear that are available, there are few that are truly comfy. Some styles bunch up in the wrong places or even slip while you’re moving around.

      Thongs are a great alternative to these. Because thongs use less fabric, they don’t bunch up the way that cheeky or regular underwear does. So when you wear a thong, you don’t have to deal with the bunched material showing through any tight bottoms you may be wearing. Plus, thongs won’t irritate your skin the way bunches normally do either.

      With the minimal coverage, you also can’t help but feel free when you experience a nice, cool breeze that makes its way to your cheeks. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds in your rainbow thong.

      3. When It’s Sexy Time

        What piece of lingerie can make you feel sexier than a thong? Thongs almost work like magic. The way they hug your hips and leave your cheeks on full display does just the trick. It gives you the confidence you want no matter what is on the agenda.

        Your love life is calling for something to spice it up, and the Rainbow Thong is just the thing to do that. Even when you aren’t physically with your partner, think about the pictures you’ll be able to take. Or, perhaps even more importantly, you can wear a thong to feel sexy for yourself. You don’t need anyone else to want to feel sexy: Sexy is as sexy does, in our opinion.

        Whether they’re for your partner or yourself, a Rainbow Thong is essential.

        4. When You’re Chilling on a Regular Day

         Like we said, there’s something about wearing a thong that makes you feel confident and sexy. Well, you don’t have to be stripped down to your thong to give you that feeling. No one else has to know, but it makes a difference when you know that you’re wearing something sleek and sexy underneath your clothes.

        That knowledge will seep into how you carry yourself all day. If you’re at work and you have an important presentation to give, having that confidence will give off an aura that’ll make the people around wonder what’s different about you.

        It also just gives you more freedom to move about however you want. The beauty in a thong is that it almost feels like you’re not wearing underwear at all but in the best way. You won’t feel any odd constriction or worry that the wrong move will make your underwear slip.

        5. When You’re at Pride Events

          The most obvious occasion for a Rainbow Thong is a pride event. Thanks to the growing acceptance and inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community, people can celebrate who they are and who they love as publicly as they want.

          Major cities all over the world hold all kinds of events for you to do just that. New York and Los Angeles alone have a handful of events throughout the year like Pride parades, dances, festivals, and more. For a list of all the events near you, check out a calendar of Pride events.

          We know that so many members of the LGBTQIA+ community love to go all out for any and every one of these occasions. Some of you even plan your outfits weeks and months in advance so you can look your best and be bold.

          If you’re feeling a little more daring, you can wear your Rainbow Thong with a matching Rainbow Essentials Soft Bra with whatever apparel or accessories are on top. You can add on a colorful cardigan, duster, or robe. Or maybe even a pair of transparent shorts on top. Scroll through our Rainbow Pride Collection to find your pot of gold.

          On the other hand, if you usually lean towards more modest options, but you still want to flaunt your Rainbow Thong, then a go-to option could be a little throwback to the 2000s. Wear a pair of low-rise pants or shorts and pull up your Thong higher on your waist to flaunt the Pride colors. The possibilities are endless.

          6. But Really, Do You Need an Occasion?

            We’re at the point where we shouldn’t need an excuse to proclaim our affiliation with Pride. The Gay Rights Movement has gone leaps and bounds over just the last twenty years alone, not to mention since its beginnings over the last century.

            We’ve gone from creating the first gay rights organization in the Roaring ’20s to Obergefell v. Hodges (the Supreme Court ruling that began protecting same-sex marriage under Equal Protection Clauses in the 14th Amendment). And now, there’s more of a focus on cultural change for gay and transgender people, with intersectionality being a hotter topic than ever.

            With all the progress we make each and every day that makes every day a reason to wear your Rainbow Thong.

            TomboyX Rainbow Thong

            Now let’s talk about why you don’t just want any rainbow thong, but you want TomboyX’s Rainbow Thong. This Thong gives you everything you want in an underwear: style, comfort, and functionality. And don’t even get us started on how the Rainbow Thong truly makes you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear; it’s a dream.

            Everything about it is going to make you want more of them than what’s reasonable. First, there’s the waistband that’s soft to the touch and built to stay put. Then, there’s the stretchy material we use to make sure every body type feels comfortable in it.

            Speaking of body types, you’ll be glad to know that TomboyX tested the Rainbow Thong to fit all of them. There are sizes available from XS to 4X. It’s time for everyone under the rainbow to bring a bit of sunshine to their wardrobe!


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