Pride: Why and Where We're Going

Since TomboyX was founded in 2013, so much has changed. Our co-founders got married, we shifted our focus to underwear, and achieved world domination (well, we’re still working on that one). Some things that haven’t changed: our commitment to quality products, our commitment to ethical manufacturing, and our commitment to YOU, our amazing customers.


Our co-founders, Fran and Naomi, worked hard to create underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum. They also worked hard to make sure TomboyX gave back to the community.


At the heart of it all are the most supportive and thought-provoking customers ever. You helped us create what TomboyX is today and we will never lose touch with the community that supported us from day one. That’s one reason we make an effort to attend as many Pride celebrations as possible! Without further ado… below is our 2018 Pride Schedule. Hope to see you there!



2018 Pride Schedule


February 11 - Fort Lauderdale Pride

June 10 - Washington DC Pride

June 16-17 - Denver Pride

June 23-24 - New York City Pride

June 24 - Seattle Pride

October 13-14 - Atlanta Pride


Where should we go next?


*Schedule subject to change