Our Founder's Story | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

When the team first said the phrase Unbound by Constraints, I knew they had captured the essence of TomboyX. Succinct, descriptive and empowering.

From the beginning, Naomi and I knew that what was missing in the world of fashion and apparel was a brand that didn’t judge, didn’t try to taunt you into wanting to be part of the cool club, didn’t ‘other’ you from an external gaze. That was being done by all the brands, and we were just fed up. Those attitudes and approaches are, in and of themselves, constraints.

So we set out to offer a brand that is a reflection of who you are. To celebrate you being you. No matter what size, what gender, what color or what sexuality. To be unbound by constraints.

Throughout the years we have heard your stories of bravery, resilience and resurrection. How you have overcome constraints and freed yourself from living someone else’s truth and what that freedom meant to you. We want to share your stories and amplify them for inspiration, connection and compassion.

We’re all in this together. Thanks for being you.