Our Customer Service Team Shares Their Most Memorable Moments

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we sat down with our Customer Service team to hear their most memorable moments with you, our awesome customers. 


Michal Paris, our Director of Operations shared:

Stand-out customer moment for me is having been invited to 5 gay weddings sent from our customers to us (TomboyX as a whole) and us talking about if we (TomboyX as a whole) should show up at the weddings themselves all over the US. 


Chaz Jordan, Manager of Customer Service, has many fond customer moments:

There are definitely a lot of moments, I think for me, any time a customer writes in thanking us for clothing that they can wear when they have health complications, are very memorable for me. Takes me out of the business side of things and into the Human side of what we do. Here's an example:

“As someone with Fibromyalgia and Scleroderma, comfortable clothes is a must. Anything that irritates the skin is agonizing. I have tried so many bras and underwear and I have to say your products with Tencel Modal are amazingly comfortable. The bands and straps can be bothersome but nothing is ever 100% perfect. Please don’t stop making these as it’s hard enough living with these diseases and then have to be uncomfortable on top of that is just an awful way to live. Thank you for making these items. I’ve definitely mentioned these to others and I will continue to buy them for myself.”


Elizabeth Rivera, one of our Customer Service Specialists, recently got to help a customer pick out a swimsuit

Helping a customer on the phone who was legally blind. Helped describe each item she was interested in including the details of colors and silhouettes. Wanted the perfect swimsuit for the upcoming summer! 


There are many more wonderful customer moments the team has had. We want to thank every one of you who have purchased from us, shared feedback with us, or invited us to your weddings over the last 10 years. Here's to many more!