Me Day: Self Care, Self Reflection, Self Indulgence

If you’re like us you’re probably well aware of the fact that Valentine's Day is breathing down our necks like a pink-hearted dragon full of cheap candy. As we roll out of the New Year and into the first months of 2020 the celebration of Valentine’s Day can seem daunting and honestly, a little frustrating. Hallmark ads full of white cis and hetero-normative couples abound and the message we’re all being fed is that only one kind of love exists, is valid, and should be celebrated. And if that is not the biggest load of hooey then we don’t know what is. This year we are ditching V Day in favor of Me Day, and we hope you’ll join us.

Now, we can hear you asking, “Hey TomboyX, what is Me Day?” and, “Did you just make that up?” To which we reply: Me Day is a chance to celebrate and love yourself through self care, taking time to reflect, and treating yourself to some self indulgence. As for making it up? Well, maybe. But also, aren’t all holidays just made up and then a bunch of people decide to hop on the bandwagon? Exactly. And if Me Day is made up (it is) then it’s free from all the other expectations and standards of bigger holidays which means you can celebrate however you like. There is literally no way to do Me Day wrong, so let’s dive in.

The first rule of Me Day is that there is no relationship as important as the one you have with yourself. Think about it, you are with yourself all day, every day, for literally every single day of your life. So why not do something nice for yourself? This can be anything from sleeping in to getting a massage to taking a day off work and cooking yourself some tasty meals to eat throughout the week.

Another way you can honor yourself is by setting aside some time for self reflection. Journaling, drawing your feelings, or even just taking a long walk free from the distractions of podcasts or music can be great ways to reboot your brain and analyze some behaviors. This isn’t a time for chastising yourself over your perceived imperfections but instead a chance to ask yourself what is no longer serving you. What hard choices have you been avoiding? What is something that you could do just once a week that would make you a little happier? How have you grown in the past year that make you proud of yourself? The questions could be big or small and asked with an eye towards compassion and personal growth.

Then, there is everybody's personal favorite: self indulgence. Because who says those big heart boxes of candy have to come from your partner or significant other? Not us, that’s who. So grab a nice glass of wine or a beer, light a candle and take a bath, or throw on your favorite reruns of Parks and Recreation (Leslie Knope for president) and just chill for a little while. Or treat yourself to some new super comfortable undies and loungewear so you can optimize your relaxation game. We think, nay know, you deserve it.

So this February 14th consider rethinking how you’re spending the day, and consider investing in yourself. Because you are absolutely worth it and we here at TomboyX know so.