Local Seattle Students Tour TomboyX Headquarters

Students tour TomboyX office

Earlier this month, the TomboyX team hosted 8th grade students from SPIN Girls here at our headquarters in Seattle for a “field day” experience at TomboyX. 

SPIN Girls is a Seattle-area non-profit organization located near our Seattle headquarters. Everyone here at TomboyX was excited to support their mission to build leadership skills and provide immersive STEM experiences for cis girls, trans youth, gender queer youth, and/or gender non-confirming or non-binary youth in King County. 

We hosted 12 students and several chaperones for the morning, providing a tour of our office near Pike Place Market, walked them through our design and product development process, explained how we use high sustainability standards, and talked about our educational and professional backgrounds that led us to our current roles at TomboyX.

"There is literally a job for everyone in this field. You don't have to just be a designer." - Anonymous 8th grader

To get some hands on experience, our senior designer, Tani Bland, showed the students how to measure themselves to get the right size for them. Then walked them through a pattern making activity with our boy shorts

"I never knew how much went into designing clothes. It's fascinating." - Anonymous student

We had a great time with SPIN Girls! We’re excited to be asked to host another group of their 10th graders next month to continue to support their great work.