Possibly the worse thing about our culture.


We judge, we categorize, we label.


Forget the labels and the standards and symbols for what and who you're told to be.


Drop it.


Because the only label that matters is X. The X in TomboyX is the movement, the wildcard. It embraces all of us, any size, any gender or ability, any race.


For too long we've been told our worth is in looking a certain way and being a certain size, that our desirability is based on what our bodies look like and not what we do with them or who we are inside.


Forget that.


Embrace the X and cancel out those labels.


X is possibility, the freedom to define who you are on your terms or not. X is your mark, your identity.


X is a symbol and the inspiration to act.


X is there because there is something more. It's the moment that connects us all.


X is power.


X is love.


X is freedom.


X is you.