Katrine | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

When people talk about their college years, my story is a little different. I was a bucky punk kid in high school and suffered through a lot of hazing, so the idea of going to even MORE school terrified me. I wanted to explore and be a part of something bigger, so I joined the California Conservation Corps as soon as I turned 18, and spent an amazing 2 years working with USFS wild-land firefighting, clearcutting, and planting tress for erosion control. This being the early 90’s, there were typically no women allowed in these roles, so took this challenge and knowledge to the training facility and trained new recruits.

This helped shape my future, enforced my love and connection to nature, and helped me create the future of equality I believed in by setting an example for others.

Pronouns: She/Her
Social media handle: @_katr1n3_