Kary | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

I have been a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to be liked by others, and tried my best to fit in, but something always felt off. I wasn't putting myself first, and I suffered for it. More recently, I have been in the process of unlearning this people pleasing mentality, and have learned to like myself, instead of focusing on catering to others. This unlearning has coincided with my journey of coming out as queer, and eventually non-binary, and I have been so proud of myself for becoming who I am meant to be. I have built a life unbound, that I am proud of. I get to be creative every day, in a city I love, with an amazing fiancé & pup by my side. I feel so much stronger and happier, and can't wait to continue to grow even more into the person I am intended to be.

Pronouns: They/them
Instagrams: @karysantayana | @thetravelgaygents | @bleedyourheartout.glass