How To Find the Right Pair of Joggers in 2022


Nothing says comfort and casual style quite like a pair of joggers. With athleisure taking over the fashion world like never before, a solid pair of joggers (also called “jogger pants”) is quickly becoming a mainstay in everybody’s wardrobe. Whether you wear them outside, indoors, or while hitting the gym, this is one staple that just feels right.

We’re here to help you find the perfect pair of joggers to keep you cozy for the rest of the year –– and beyond.

Finding the Right Pair of Joggers –– Step 1: The Fit

There is more to joggers than what might immediately catch the eye — the styles are nuanced and essential.

Here are the four silhouettes to know:


This is the classic fit you probably imagine when you think of joggers. Going in at the hips and ankles while remaining loose and baggy everywhere else, we can’t get enough of this laid-back style. The relaxed fit is ideal for lounging and sporting an athleisure look.


A straight-leg jogger provides a slightly more sophisticated take. Straight-leg joggers are beloved for the striking silhouette — making wearers look taller and longer.


“Form-fitting” joggers aren’t as tight as, say, leggings or skinny jeans. However, a more tailored jogger can offer a welcome contrast to the usual baggy style.

Form-fitting or slim-fit joggers can emphasize the figure and balance oversized tees and hoodies beautifully. Form-fitting variations end right at the ankle or even a bit above it.


If you light baggy track pants or cargo pants, you might like the oversized jogger. These are purposefully loose and baggy (but not as much as sweatpants). A trendy way to wear an oversized pair of joggers is to roll up the cuffs or roll down the waistline.

Finding the Right Pair of Joggers –– Step 2: The Fabric

When looking for classic best sellers, you will see a couple of different types of jogger fabric pop up. To know which one you want to focus on, here’s a quick rundown of what all these material terms really mean.


TENCEL™ Modal is a luxury fabric made of renewable beechwood fibers. It’s the best in durability, sustainability, and comfort; this type of textile is a wonderful choice for a lush pair of joggers. What we love about TENCEL™ Modal is that it is biodegradable and compostable, so it’s made for longevity from every angle.

TENCEL™ Modal shines on its own but also combines stunningly with Spandex to create a pant that is both lounge jogger and Olympic-ready workout gear.

French Terry Cotton

French Terry is a mid-to lightweight type fabric that is known for its softness and comfort. The material itself features one side of knitted loops, while the other side is smooth.

While French terry is a type of knit, our French terry cotton is 100% OEKO-TEX certified. You can count on French terry joggers to feel luxurious, flexible, and breathable. 

Eco Fleece

For something a bit more heavyweight, you may want to go for a pair of fleece joggers. Fleece is actually similar to French terry cloth, but it features one side that is extra fuzzy and warm.

Our Eco Fleece joggers are made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. This ultra-cozy and the long-lasting combination is perfect for cold weather and toasty nights indoors.

Finding the Right Pair of Joggers –– Step 3: The Features

Most joggers will have a lot of the same features in terms of waistbands and pockets, but it’s still worth paying attention to. Nothing is quite as disappointing as wanting to put your hands in your pockets and realizing –– gasp! –– there aren’t any. So take note:


Drawstrings are a great asset to a pair of joggers as they provide a simple adjustable feature. A well-loved pair of joggers might lose some of its elasticity after many wears, washes, and dries. 

That’s when the drawstring comes in handy –– a simple tighten, and you’re good to go. It can also be used to cinch or loosen the waistline, depending on the look.


Pockets are pretty self-explanatory –– every pair of pants is improved when pockets are included. Throw your keys, wallet, ID, earbuds, or any other assortment of knick-knacks in there. If you don’t have pockets to casually rest your hands in while you wait for the train, you’re definitely missing out on the laid-back jogger experience.


The right waistband won’t feel pinchy or restrictive. You want to make sure the waistband of your joggers is soft, elastic, and flexible. Otherwise, you can be dealing with a waistband that is anything other than comfortable. A wide waistband is flattering on everyone.


Similar to the waistband, you want the cuffs to be as cozy and well-fitting as possible. Avoid cuffs that are too tight, rough, or itchy. Unless you’re going for a straight-leg jogger, make sure the cuffs aren’t too loose, either. 

Finding the Right Pair of Joggers –– Step 4: The Color

Everything starts coming together once you add a bit of color to the mix –– or, in some cases, decide to keep it simple! Joggers are a versatile garment in the world of sporty-casual chic; this means that there are lots of styles out there to experiment with.

Whether you go for plain or pizazz, think about what’s most your style.

Solid Color

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of solid-color joggers. Gray and black are some of the most common shades, but feel free to branch into something more colorful. Bright yellow or red joggers are popular assets in streetwear; pastel joggers can create a trendy, subdued look.

Pop of Color

A lot of joggers are mostly one shade but then include small features that break them apart from the norm. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider solid-color or black joggers that have stripes running down the side –– an ever-popular sporty motif.

These rainbow stripe joggers are a great example of a unique detail elevating the jogger look.

Finding the Right Pair of Joggers –– Step 5: The Size

Whether you’re set on French terry or fleece jogger pants, you want to make sure your anticipated new arrival arrives at your door fitting perfectly. You’ll want to check the sizing chart

At TomboyX, our sizes range from 3XS to 6XL — your waist and hip measurement are the keys to finding your correct size. You’ll also want to check for inseam measurements; pants like our Blue Skies joggers have a trendy ¾-length inseam. 

Fun Prints and Patterns

Joggers are more than just an accessory. They can be the focal point of your outfit, especially when they feature an eye-catching design. A bold or flashy pair of joggers is an inventive way to elevate your streetwear style.

You can pair them with a more neutral top or go for the trendy maximalist look that combines multiple patterns. To play up the fashion industry’s nod to activewear, go bold — pair a camo bra with tie-dye joggers.

Final Takeaway

Finding the right pair of joggers in 2022 comes down to knowing the right fabrics, the correct fit, and, as always, personal preference. Comfort is one of the biggest factors for people when it comes to choosing a piece of clothing.

So it’s no surprise that joggers and sweatpants are experiencing a high moment in fashion right now. These bottoms are a wonderful combination of comfort and style –– super soft and super accommodating; these plush pants aren’t going anywhere. 


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