Joanna Lohman: Why I March

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a city where historically significant events happen quite frequently. Up to this point in my life, my involvement has revolved mostly around reading about these events on social media or in the newspaper. The Women’s March on DC, however, is a personal cause that ignites my soul, inspiring action.


I will be marching with hundreds of thousands of people who are similarly inspired to move and rise up for reasons close to their hearts. Each person who marches is unique - like his or her fingerprint. No two people or prints the same. These differences that we celebrate on January 21st, are what make this occasion so powerful. We come from all corners of the globe to stand in solidarity, to be counted, and to have our voices and footsteps heard.


I march because of gratitude….


As a professional female athlete in America, I have an incredible platform. I get to do what 99.99999% of women in the world never get the opportunity to do. I owe this to the brave women who came before me and fought for our equality. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, my sister. I march for them and for the freedoms we are able to exercise as a democratic republic. I march for every single person around the world who has fewer opportunities than me.


I march because of responsibility….


To my fellow man and woman, to be the type of leader we need.


This responsibility extends to the LGBTQIA community and for those who do not feel safe to be their true selves out of fear for their lives. It is important for me to be out and proud. To advocate for rights that we all should share. To raise my hand and be counted with the faith it will inspire others to do the same.


I march because of hope….


That if we continue to come together, open our eyes, hearts, minds, and truly listen to one another we will move towards greater acceptance. Divided we stall. United we thrive.


I march because of love….


For the gift we have to use our unique fingerprint to make a positive impression. I want my imprint to be one of love not anger. Of hope, not despair. Of light, not darkness.


I march because of YOU. #HumanAgenda


  • Yolanda Razo

    Your courage to March for what you believe – inspires and gives hope to many people especially women like myself. I admired your will-power and your ability to voice your true feelins. It gives others the inspiration to fight for equality. Thank you Marching for what’s right!

  • Bonnie McMurray

    I will be right beside you! I march for all the women that can’t march. I for one, am tired of the loudest voices being those of people trying to stifle freedoms. So I will be loud and proud on Saturday!

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