Introducing The Bikini

At TomboyX, we work hard to make underwear for all bodies. And sometimes different bodies need different styles. And sometimes those same bodies need different styles for different occasions. From our 9” boxer to our iconic brief, it seemed we had hit all the marks… until now.


"I love TBx boxer briefs at home and under jeans, but I've dreamt of TomboyX underwear that I could use with dresses and work pants. Woke up one morning and here they are! Full coverage, soft and wide waist band, soft and smooth profile. Did I say dreamy? Just bought three pairs. New dream: white and fun tomboy patterns like the boxer briefs. But -- don't ever add itchy frilly lace, 'kay?"

—Heather W.



We always listen closely to feedback on social media and emails; why miss a chance to give our customers what they want? We heard you asking for a bikini cut—so we set about developing and fitting one that would make all of us happy. Slimmed-down styling from our other cuts, but with the same comfy no-ride-up coverage.

To get the fit right, we started by looking at and modifying the design of our well-loved Iconic Briefs. Wanting a true Bikini fit, we shortened the outseam and made it more narrow between the legs—but kept the coverage in the back.

Comfort features:
1. For the softest fit and feel, we decided to make them in the MicroModal fabric. This allows folks worried about panty lines to get the best functionality out of this style.
2. We used flat elastic (the trim around the leg) instead of the fold-over elastic (used on the Iconic Briefs) to add lightness to this style. It took a couple months to find flat elastic that meets our product designers’ standards in feel and performance.
3. The Bikini is lined in the crotch to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer all day.
4. As always, we fit-tested it on women across all sizes. From XS to 4X, and all different body shapes, we made sure they wouldn’t ride up.



“I never thought much about my underwear, ever.  But then I bought the TomboyX bikinis. The day after I first wore them, I was lying in bed thinking about my upcoming day when suddenly I said to myself ‘I can’t wait to put on those underpants.’  That’s when I knew I had experienced an underwear transformation. They are so soft and silky that they make me happy all day."

—Sue M.

Check out the Bikini here—available in 4 soft neutral colors in our luscious MicroModal fabric—and let us know what you think.