How We’re Celebrating Earth Day | TomboyX

In 1970 the world gathered to celebrate Earth Day for the first time. Organizers of the first Earth Day were inspired by the political activism taken by students protesting the Vietnam War and outraged by the devastation wrought by the 1969 oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara. Gaylord Nelson, who was a Wisconsin senator at the time, believed that environmental activism was primed for a place in the national conscious. And, that a nationwide march would infuse the burgeoning environmental movement with the energy needed to thrust it into the minds of politicians as a centrally important issue. That first year, on April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets to show their support for the environmental movement, and to voice their concerns for the ways in which industry was polluting the planet.

Nearly 50 years later TomboyX is proud to stand alongside a lineage of companies that embrace sustainability as the only way to run a business. From sustainably sourced materials, to using modern technology that reduces water usage in our printmaking process, to ensuring that all our employees have an ethical and safe working environment in addition to being paid a living wage, the very DNA of TomboyX celebrates Earth Day, every day.

Six years ago, when TomboyX was nothing more than a twinkle in the eyes of our co-founders Fran and Naomi, they knew that building a company around a sustainable model was the right thing to do. Both for our planet, and for Tomboys the world over. It was important to our founders to show the world that even the smallest choices made by the smallest companies or individuals can make a difference. And that small steps continue to be the building blocks atop which global movements are built.

This year we want you to help us celebrate Earth Day by valuing the small choices. No matter how big or small, each step towards sustainability makes a positive impact. With every purchase made from our Earth Day collection we will donate 5% of profits to the Earth Day Network, an organization dedicated to showing how small choices can lead to big change. Beyond that, we’re giving you 11 ideas for celebrating Earth Day, and reduce your environmental impact everyday.

At TomboyX, we believe in preserving our environment and living sustainably. Join us in celebrating Earth Day with these easy lifestyle changes and activities.

Shop at Sustainable Stores

Make a pledge to only give your money to stores that have ingrained sustainability practices that don’t put undue strain on the environment. We live under capitalism, and where you spend your money is a direct vote for the values you support. Say goodbye to fast fashion and impulse buys and instead send your money to companies that are committed to doing good.

Get Thrifty

Donate used clothes to Goodwill or similar local organizations in your community instead of dumping them in the landfill. And while you’re there, embrace the idea of buying second hand clothes.

Pro Tip:Investigate local options, or really anything that isn’t the Salvation Army. Avoid that homophobic org like it’s the plague.

Donate those Dolla Dolla Bills

Nonprofits and activist organizations can always put money to good use. If you’re strapped on time and energy, consider throwing a little money at your favorite cause. Many organizations now offer a simple way to set up recurring monthly payments so you can keep giving without having to think about it. At Earth Day Network you can set up a monthly donation of as little as $10.

Start Dialing your Reps

Look, we get it. It can feel like the folks in your state capital and in Washington have all the power and there’s not much the average citizen can do. Luckily, that’s just not true. Get on the phone with your representatives and tell them that climate change, sustainable transportation options, and environmental stewardship are important to you. If you’re scared you won’t know what to say organizations like YouLobby will help you not only find your representative’s contact information, but will provide you with a handy script for the issue of your choosing.

Pro tip: You can call your reps after work and leave a voicemail. No more worrying about trying to cram another thing into your busy work day.

The Library is your Friend

Books are made of paper, paper comes from trees, and we’d like trees to stay planted in the earth where they provide the very oxygen we breathe. Hit up your local library as a means of avoiding buying new books, or else switch to e-books. Don’t live near a library? Consider creating a book share program with your community.

Ditch your Car

Summer is coming and the long days and good weather are the perfect time to get out of the habit of driving to work or to run errands. Consider biking, taking public transit, or walking to work to reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re looking out your window and thinking that your city doesn’t have good public transit or protected bike lanes, then get on the phone and let your city council know that sustainable transit is important to you. And if you absolutely must drive, consider carpooling or else condensing your errands into single trips.

Make that Recycling Sparkle

A simple step that takes your recycling to the next level is to wash out every item you recycle. This helps to ensure that your jars and bottles will end up actually being recycled instead of dumped in the landfill.

Pro tip: Your dog would absolutely love to clean the peanut butter jar for you.

Meatless Mondays (other days work too)

Eating meat, especially beef, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions in a few ways, not least of which is that cattle poop dang near everywhere. That cow poop then gives off methane gas and can be washed into rivers and water sources when it rains. Furthermore, feeding cattle requires producing food which could have otherwise gone to humans. You don’t have to give up all meat forever, but cutting out meat one day a week and fueling up on fruits and vegetables is a positive step in the right direction.

Downgrade Your Dairy Intake

Like factory meat farming, dairy farming uses valuable land that could be left wild and food resources that could be used to combat hunger. In addition, cattle produce greenhouse gases that warm the climate and their waste can contaminate water sources. Reducing your dairy intake, or switching to dairy-free alternatives like rice milk for your morning coffee can go a long way towards reducing your footprint.

Pro Tip: Pick something other than almond milk. We know, bummer. But almonds are one of the most water intensive crops and use far more than their fair share.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

Everyone knows to recycle, but do you practice the other four Rs? First, start by refusing items that you don’t need like plastic trinkets at a work conference, or plastic bags at the grocery store. Next, reduce your consumption. Consider giving yourself a month break between when the urge to buy something strikes and the time you click purchase online. Reuse is an obvious one—take those old items and give them a new life. And finally, rot. Composting is already mandatory in many cities, but if it’s not in yours, you can still participate. Keeping food waste out of the landfill means less CO2 released from dumps, less garbage clogging up our planet, and more good good sweet wonderful compost that can be given a second life as fertilizer.

Whether you start a community clean-up, host a recycled clothes drive, or work with students to build a vegetable garden, there are endless activities you can do to show your commitment to planet Earth. For more ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness, check out Earth Day Network.

During the month of April TomboyX is donating 5% of profits from the Earth Day collection to the Earth Day network.