How To Keep Leggings From Falling Down: 5 Tips

person standing wearing gray leggings and gray bra

The perfect pair of leggings helps put a spring in your step as you walk out the door in the morning (or at night) in head-to-toe confidence. You’re chic, you’re stylish, and you’re 100% comfortable — leggings have incredible powers.

There are a bunch of factors to consider when choosing the ultimate pair of leggings. We’ve all been there, trying on pair after pair. After a few wears, you can’t help but pull up on the waist a little bit with every step or leap you take. What happened to your reliable, go-to athleisure staples?

It’s a natural instinct when your leggings start to fall to just yank up until the end of time. Now, is this really what you are looking for out of your leggings?

Personally, our answer is, “No! We want better leggings for ourselves.” Leggings are supposed to hug your body. They help to give you the perfect combo of comfort and style, but where do you even begin to find the right leggings and keep them up?

That’s what we’re here for!

If you’re tired of always having to keep your leggings from falling down and are looking for major upgrades, then this is the article for you.

Here are five tips to keep your leggings from falling down. Let’s dive in!

Details To Keep in Mind

Before figuring out how to “fix” them, let’s take a closer look at the details to focus on when you are initially settling on a pair of leggings. Ultimately, a quality pair of leggings should be a pair of bottoms that you trust. They should be built to be versatile and comfortable, stretchable and stylish, and, most importantly, stay in place.

When choosing a pair of leggings, don’t just settle for one of these traits and sacrifice the other. Keep all of these details in mind as you choose your pair so you won’t need any hacks to keep them up.

Why Do Your Leggings Keep Falling Down?

There could be a variety of reasons why your leggings might be falling down. You could simply be wearing a too-big size. Maybe you’ve worn them so much that the elasticity has worn out, so your leggings no longer hug your hips. Or perhaps the washer and dryer did a number on your legs, pulling them to and fro until the pants were too loose.

No matter what the reasoning may be, there’s a simple fix. Plus, below, we’ll share some awesome tips to stop the leggings fall so that you can stand (or sit) tall.

5 Tips To Keep Your Leggings From Falling Down

When leggings fall down, it is one of the most annoying things in the world. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you are out for a light jog, and you spend the entire run pulling up your pants. You can’t fully engage with yourself or your body if you are distracted by pulling up your waistband.

Here are some ways that you can change that:

1. Double-Check the Size Chart

Cinderella had her perfectly-fitted glass slipper, and we each have our perfectly-fitted leggings. Finding the right fit is the first step in the legging shopping process. Since every manufacturer might have different size specifications, a medium isn’t always a medium, and a large isn’t always a large. If it seems like a riddle, it kind of is: It’s important that your leggings fit and hug you well!

That’s why it’s super important to check every brand’s specific size chart. For example, at TomboyX, our sizing chart fits every body from XS to 6XL because leggings (and bras and tops and swimsuits) are as unique as our bodies are!

2. Switch to High-Waisted

We simply can’t pick a favorite between low-rise and high-rise leggings. Low-rise offers us those early to mid-2000s vibes that are so popular, while high-rise is all the 80s and 90s. All iconic decades, in our humble opinion.

However, high-waisted leggings are super comfortable and usually have more consistency in staying on the hips and hugging the body. High-waisted leggings help hold everything together and can help provide improved snugness. Plus, they look amazing with crop tops.

3. Opt for Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics can really do it all. To start, you might already know about compression fabrics if you’re familiar with Compression Tops or Compression Tanks as comfier alternatives to binders.

Compression garments were initially designed to support blood flow, but since then, tons of people have hopped on the compression fabric train. Athletes, flight attendants, and retail workers sing the praises of compression attire.

Compression leggings will be tighter so that you won’t have to pull on them, no matter what adventure you’re heading out for.

4. Find Active Bottoms With Drawstrings

Sometimes, you just need a little extra support without sacrificing your own style. Consider a pair of leggings with reinforced seams or drawstrings. Both of these add-ons help provide an extra sense of security without ever having to sacrifice a bit of style.

While not leggings, we love how the Eco-Fleece Wide Pant has a drawstring for a custom fit every time. Not only is it super practical, but the black drawstring against the gray fabric offers a stylish interpretation of the gray-on-gray sweatpants classic.

5. Follow the Care Instructions

A good rule of thumb is to take care of what you’ve got. Read the label on the inside of the leggings to unlock the washing and drying secrets.

The OG purpose of leggings was for exercise, but they’ve evolved beyond that for long afternoons, relaxing on the couch. Either way, but especially when you sweat in them, leggings should be washed every day.

Knowing how to properly wash, dry, and store your leggings will help increase their lifespan and keep them in stellar condition, even through all the wear and tear of life.

For example, leggings like the Streamline 7/8 Legging - Embrace the Curve are machine washable on the cold setting (flip them inside out first) but should be air dried to retain their shape and beautiful design.

The TomboyX Leggings

We might be biased, but we think that we have the best leggings in the game. Here’s why TomboyX leggings have the leg up (pun intended):

Quality That Lasts

It may be tempting to buy the cheapest apparel, but there is a high chance that these leggings won’t have a very long life. When we focus on shopping high quality and sustainable, we find better products with a better shelf life.

Looking for leggings that are certified environmentally-friendly and certified comfortable? Check out OEKO-Tex Certified leggings.

OEKO-Tex Certifications on our cotton products mean that the production and manufacturing process was ethical, responsible, and free of chemicals. Plus, since early 2022, TomboyX has been B Corp certified, a highly rigorous testing process that makes sure our standards are the highest possible in terms of sustainability and ethical practices.


Here at TomboyX, we take pride in our products. Our leggings are specifically designed in pursuit of inclusivity.

Whether that is gender inclusivity or body inclusivity, we want everyone to be able to put on clothes and feel like they belong. So glimmer with our Rainbow Pride Collection, or feel like your best self with the Gender Euphoria Collection.

From our innermost layers to our rainbow leggings, every stitch matters.

Carefully-Crafted Fabric Combos

When it comes to fabrics, we have almost as many choices as ice cream flavors, if not more. Since leggings need to be ready for the New York marathon and the Netflix marathon, the fabric is of the utmost importance.

While pajamas or loungewear can be made of fleece or terry cloth, leggings are a slightly different breed. When it comes to leggings, fabric teamwork is the answer. At TomboyX, we combine recycled polyester and Spandex for unparalleled stretch and movement.

Coupled with zip pockets, a smoothing, high-waisted waistband, and flattering seam lines, you have practically with an aesthetic purpose. Plus, the HeiQ antibacterial, anti-odor fabric finish keeps these leggings as fresh as they look.

Leggings for the Win

After all of this is said and done, we just need to find leggings that make us feel our most comfortable. Find a pair that fits just right, hugs your body, accommodates a life on the go (or at rest), and more.

Leggings that you can easily dress up or down depending on who is hanging out, and leggings that not only give you peace of mind for your sake but for the environment's sake as well. All of these things matter to help create a better world and a better pair of leggings.



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