Holiday Cocktails: Tomboy Style

As tomboys all over the world prepare to head home for the holidays, TomboyX prepared a cocktail guide to help you get the family party started. Whether the holidays are non-stop party filled with warm feelings and warmer cookies or a fun game where you see how long it’s humanly possible to bite one’s tongue, we have the cocktail for you.


For When The Extended Family Arrives


Mulled Wine

I’m partial to anything that can be dumped in a crock pot, left alone for hours and still seem impressive to guests. Mulled wine is the perfect cocktail for large groups because it involves no measuring by the ounce and no supervision. Plus, the fragrant aroma of good vibes and mulling spices will fill your home (which will block out the smell that occurs when an entire extended family piles in to one room).


For After Winter Sports


Hot Buttered Rum

Because it will warm you to your core after an afternoon of sledding. Because you work hard all year. Because who doesn’t want to drink a stick of butter? That’s what the holidays are for! Let your hair down and indulge a little. Treat. Yo. Self.


For the Post-Dinner Political Argument


Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate

For a drink that’s as fiery as you are, just add chilli powder. The extra kick in this classic creates the perfect drink to sip on as you wait for your turn to jump in with a counterpoint. Omit the tequila for an alcohol-free treat. BONUS: Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


For Relaxing by the Open Fire


Champagne Bourbon Cocktail

When I fantasize about snuggling up by the fire under a large faux-fur blanket, I can practically taste the champagne I’m drinking (It’s the really expensive stuff. Dream big.). But do you know what’s better than just champagne after a long day of social interaction? Adding bourbon to the mix. So cuddle up and enjoy the crackling flames and the bubbling wine.


What’s your holiday cocktail of choice?