Get your Horror On: Our Top 5 Films To Watch in your Underwear

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year here at TomboyX. And we are so excited to reveal our new Halloween underwear collection which is out just in time for the month of October. This year our Halloween collection was inspired by classic horror movies. Each print captures something essential about the Halloween season while maintaining its own unique style. Made from our super soft cotton or micromodal, these underwear are perfect for the cooler fall temps when all you want to be is cozy.

So grab some popcorn, curl up on the couch in a pair of your favorite Halloween underwear, and get ready for a movie night marathon. We’re pairing each print in our Halloween collection with an iconic horror film to get you in the spirit. Keep reading for our favorite Halloween movies and spooky underwear styles!


Bats and ravens take flight across a starry sky of micromodal. These buttery soft underwear are swarming with the familiars of witches. These are available in our Bralette, Bikini, Boy Shorts, 4.5” Trunks, 6” Boxer Briefs, and 9” Boxer Briefs. And now, for the first time ever, we have this fun print in a micromodal pajama pants—light and comfortable with a hint of stretch these pants are good for bedtime and lounging.


What to Watch: The Birds (1963)

What could be a more perfect pairing than The Birds? Alfred Hitchock’s 1963 masterpiece proves once and for all that in horror, suspense is everything. The film is set in the sleepy California town of Bodega Bay where wealthy socialite Melanie Daniels has traveled for the weekend to pursue love interest, Mitch Brenner. However, once Melanie arrives the birds of the area start to act strangely and soon thereafter begin to attach. Once the birds begin to wage an all-out war against the people of Bodega Bay, survival becomes the only objective.

Hollywood Horror

Bloody eyes, glaring skulls, clawed arms and more bring a ghastly style to our collection of underwear and boxer briefs. Released in all our classic styles we can’t get enough of this spooky print in our 9” Boxer Briefs. Since our 9” is long enough to be worn as an under or outer layer we’ve been loving these as an outer layer and walking around like every day is Halloween. This print and its movie counterpart are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit as they both scream Halloween!

What to Watch: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The film that launched an entire genre. Yes, the word zombie was around before George A. Romero introduced horror fans everywhere to the walking dead. But the slow-moving, traveling in hoards, flesh-eating zombies of Romeros film became icons of the zombie sub-genre. This B-movie turned classic still holds up after more than 50 years and is definitely worth a watch today. The film follows the now-classic plot line of a group of people barricaded in a cabin while zombies lurk outside. Revealing perhaps one of the best things about re-watching Romeros seminal film: the way in which he pioneered a genre.

Lunar Eclipse

A more subtle print to get you inspired to howl at the moon in your underwear. Offered in all of our regular styles in addition to our Long Johns. That’s right, our super comfortable cotton and no-slip waistband now comes in the length of a Long John. This print is a subtle waxing and waning of the mood, ideal for your new favorite pajama pants.

What to Watch: Werewolf of London (1935)

It seems that werewolf films don’t get nearly as much love as other horror film baddies, and we think that’s a real shame. After all, the horror of a half-human, half-wolf beast that prowls the night is pretty terrifying. Though the werewolf didn’t become as popular as say Frankenstein’s monster or Dracula, Werewolf of London is still a requisite viewing for any horror aficionado. The plot revolves around a botanist who while on an excursion to find a rare plant is bitten by a werewolf. He returns to his home in London pursued by a fellow botanist and rival who is after the plant which, is believed to cure the wolf curse. Like Romero's Night of the Living Dead, this film established some of the classic tropes of its subgenre.


Curious Cat

Be ready for mischief with the curious calico cat peeking over the band of underwear and bras, keeping an eye out for ghosts coming your way. This print is offered in all our regular styles and offers a cute pop of whimsy to our classic black underwear and bras.

What to Watch: Cat People (1942)

We’re betting you’ve never seen RKO’s 1942 film Cat People. This film opts for suspense and tension over more simple jump scares and gore, meaning that it’s still a fun watch today and you won’t be distracted by outdated gore effects. We’re also betting that the plot will delight and surprise you. Set in New York, the film follows a young fashion designer and Serbian immigrant who believes she is afflicted by an old curse that will force her to shape-shift into a panther if she is ever intimate with her husband. Right? We told you it was one heck of a plot.

Hocus Pocus 3-Pack

Copper, black, and bottle green make the perfect fall pairing in our new 3-pack. Just in time for the leaves to start dropping along with the temperatures this 3-pack will get you in the mood for Halloween nights and crisp fall days. Offered in all our regular styles, you’ll want to snag these before they’re gone—they’re sure to be an instant classic.

What to Watch: Hocus Pocus (1993)

Like we’d tell you to watch anything else with a 3-Pack called Hocus Pocus. We know this film isn’t exactly (or at all) a horror film. But its hokey cheese is exactly why we love it. And who could say no to Bette Middler in that wig? Hocus Pocus is an iconic film to many a millennial and required watching every Halloween. The film follows three witches and sisters who are executed by the people of Salem, but not before the witches can vow to return on Halloween 300 years in the future to exact their revenge. Once they arrive in present day, they are met with two young children, a stolen spell-book, and a plan to wreak havoc on the town of Salem.

Whether you plan on watching all of just a few of of these spooky movies, we hope these Halloween-inspired underwear styles get you excited for the spooky season!