Get to Know the Compression Top

The Compression Top is a bit of a teachers’ pet at TomboyX. It’s comfortable, functional, and pretty damn good-looking. Let’s dive into some of the most common questions we get about this wonder top.

Is The Compression Top a binder?

We think of our Compression Top as a less restrictive alternative to a traditional binder. It’s built from gentler fabrics than most binders currently on the market, and compresses more gently to protect you from breathing issues, excessive sweating, or skin irritation.

Can I wear my Compression Top to work out? What about swimming?

As long as you’ve got the correct size, it’s perfectly safe for physical activity! Just measure around your ribs and compare that against our size chart to find your perfect fit, and once you try it on, be sure you’re not experiencing pain or breathing issues. We’ve heard from tons of customers that they prefer the Compression Top to a standard sports bra!
It’s not treated to withstand pool chemicals or salt water. Although it’s perfectly safe, from a physical standpoint, to swim in your Compression Top, the fabric and elastic may degrade over time with regular use in a pool or the ocean.

Is the Compression Top safe for everyone?

Yep! Since it’s less restrictive than most binders out there on the market, it shouldn’t cause any pain or damage to bodies that are still growing.

Can I wear the Compression Top to sleep?

By now you can probably guess that answer to this one: as long as it’s comfortable for you, it’s safe!
We know you’ll love our Compression Top as much as we do.