How To Find Gender Neutral Christmas Underwear

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When there’s a certain breeze in the air, and the smell of gingerbread cookies wafts from your local cafe, you know Christmas is just around the corner. You’ve tucked away all your Halloween and Thanksgiving underwear, and your summer drawers are, well –– way in the back of your drawers.

With all that in mind, you know it’s time to be on the search for some gender-neutral holiday underwear that will make your spirits shine!

But where should you start? Being comfortable in the wintertime is a primary concern –– but you also want some festive styles to keep you feeling your very best. Don’t worry; we’re here to give you our favorite tips and guidelines for finding gender-inclusive holiday undergarments.

Let’s go:

Jingle All the Way With Bells and Whistles

Do you love the holidays? Can you not wait to deck the halls, put up the holly, and go all out celebrating the yuletide? If you’re the kind of person who gets your Christmas tree on December 1st, you might want a little extra pizazz in your Christmas underwear.

Lucky for you, this is the 21st century; you can find underwear with lacy snowflake trimming, festive sparkles, pom-poms, and bits of cotton mistletoe. Go crazy with the add-ons –– it’s the season of giving, after all.

Rock the Colors of the Season

You don’t have to string garlands around your hips to be festive. Colors alone carry a lot of meaning. Everybody knows that red and green, for example, are associated with Christmastime. Getting yourself a classic pair of emerald green or ruby red underwear is a clever way to make sure you’ve got briefs that will be suitable all year round, even after December 25th.

Ask Santa Claus for a Pair

Okay –– you don’t actually have to write a letter to the North Pole. But making a wish list or nudging your friends and family in the direction of the perfect gift for you is never a bad idea.

A lot of people appreciate their loved ones being upfront about what they want for Christmas to avoid any last-minute stress. Let people know that comfortable, high-quality gender neutral underwear is on your wishlist this year.

And let’s not forget –– you can give a pair of gender-neutral Christmas underwear as well! Just make sure you know the size and preferences of your recipient.

Go Naughty or Nice

On the one hand, you may buy gender-neutral underwear thinking nobody will see it. On the other hand, you may buy it specifically with that special someone in mind.

The holidays are the perfect time to get cozy by the fire, so why not feel sexy in your undergarments? Whether you rock a red thong or candy cane striped boy shorts, there’s nothing like some Christmas lingerie to heat up a cold winter night.

Wrap It In a Bow

We’ve already covered Christmas colors, but there are more ways that you can get holiday underwear that can still be worn outside of the season. The answer is simple: bows.

A red, green, gold, or silver bow is a gorgeous little detail for any pair of underwear. You can either use a safety pin or tape one on. For a more permanent addition, sew on some ribbon.

It also gives them an extra boost of Christmas spirit. After all –– you are a gift!

Cozy Christmas Cotton

Summer’s great for swimming and soaking up the sun –– but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting nice and cozy when it’s cold and snowing outside?

The first step to ultimate comfort is, of course, the most comfortable underwear ever. At TomboyX, you can find underwear made of 95% super smooth OEKO-TEX® certified cotton and 5% stretchy Spandex.

OEKO-TEX® cotton has been checked and found free of harmful substances through strict and high standards; when you wear cotton with the STANDARD 100 label, you can feel extra confident in the quality of your garments.

Subtle Nod To the Season

Not every pair of Christmas-themed underwear needs to tout wreaths of holly and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. There is a wide variety of Christmas-y prints, some bold and playful, others casual and subdued. If overt Christmas decorations on your underwear seem a bit much for you, go a more subtle yet still seasonal route.

A great in-between is classic wintery prints. What does that look like, you may ask? Take, for example, plaid or tartan patterns. A pair of tartan boy shorts can be a great way to celebrate a classy Christmas or simply stay warm in the chilliest of seasons.

Keep Warm With Extra Length

Speaking of keeping warm –– we have yet to discuss underwear length. The perfect pair of underwear is all about comfort. In the wintertime, that means staying toasty above all else. A Christmas thong might be great for the bedroom, but when it comes to shoveling snow, you may want some extra coverage.

In this case, consider underwear with a longer inseam. Boy shorts cover the rear while still leaving plenty of thigh freedom. Go a step further and cover the upper thighs with a pair of 4.5” inseam trunks.

For extra coverage, go with boxer briefs that have a six or nine-inch inseam. You can even imitate the long johns that were popularized in the early 19th century by sporting comfy leggings underneath your snow pants. Long underwear, like all ground-breaking fashion trends, was brought to the mainstream by activists.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Perfect Fit

We’ve talked a lot about seasonal styles, but it’s not all about prints and patterns. You want to usher in the Christmas season feeling as great as you look (and vice versa). That’s why a fit that feels true to you is so important.

Gender-neutral and gender-affirming underwear puts your own preferences, desires, and needs above any kind of label. At TomboyX, you can find underwear suited for tucking or packing, as well as period underwear, adaptable bras, and much, much more.

Know Where To Look

If you’re super lucky, you may just find the perfect pair of genderless underwear under the Christmas tree. But, chances are, you may have to be on the lookout yourself. It can be tricky to find gender-inclusive clothes sometimes.

Fortunately, androgynous and gender-neutral fashion is becoming more and more mainstream. While some stores are introducing non-binary or genderless categories, certain brands like TomboyX are doing away with labels entirely in favor of more inclusive styles.

The Takeaway: Why Should You Find Gender-Neutral Christmas Underwear?

This season, it’s important to focus on what brings you joy. The things that bring you happiness and comfort in life should start with the simplest things, with the bottommost layer. That’s where your underwear comes in. Comfort starts on the inside –– and while we’re on the subject, so does personal style.

You deserve a pair of undergarments that look and feel perfect for you. No matter your gender identity, body type, or sexual orientation – make this holiday one to remember with underwear that makes your body sing like a couple of carolers! You can also bring joy to a friend, partner, or family member by gifting them a pair of soft, practical, and funky gender-neutral underwear as well!



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