Styling Game Of Thrones

All photos courtesy of HBO


As Team TomboyX eagerly awaits the next and final season of Game of Thrones, we had to keep our minds busy by deciding which styles these badass characters would grab from their drawers every day. From the iconic brief to the active shorts, everyone needs their own unique style to put up the good fight every day. 


Daenerys is a tried and true 2.5” Tomboy Short wearer. She wants just enough cheeky coverage so that she never has to be distracted by underwear creep. She’s got enough creeps in her life, thank you very much. And she chooses MicroModal because it works under her thickest leather fighting gear to her slinkiest gown. She also likes the MicroModal because they are made from eco friendly beechwood trees. #savetheplanet #savethedragons


Winter is coming! We may as well call these our Long Jon Snow’s. Perfect for colder climates, they are a layer between you and the bitter reality that lurks out there. Made with the same cotton/spandex blend as our classic undies, these are comfortable, functional and essential for those winters that last a generation. 


Surf to sand, Ellaria reaches for the Active 4.5” short. The ones with pink stitching. She likes how she can roll in the sand, swim across lakes, and basically get shit done in them. No matter what she’s wearing on the outside, she feels the stability and comfort underneath all her armor.


Sansa seeks comfort anywhere she can find it. So to start off her day, she reaches for the most comfortable thing in her armoire - the MicroModal Bikini. It’s like wearing nothing at all. And with the weight of the world on you, underwear is the last thing you should be thinking about.


Like her sister, Arya loves the silky comfort of MicroModal. But she goes for a more masculine look with the 6” fly, in black of course. She likes how they feel when she walks. And lord knows she could use a little joy in her life. Of course there are some days, and some faces, that prefer the more structured feel of the cotton blend. But always in a 6” fly. 


Truth be told, Cersei has some of every cut - because when you’re that evil, who has time to do laundry? Her go to are the performance poly blend, usually the boy cut Tomboy Shorts. She loves how they wick moisture, don’t ride up, and are soft to the touch.



If your women like you in classic cuts, be it your sister or your lover (or both), the Iconic Brief is the style that Jaime Lannister would hands down recommend. He loves the ease of use, the nod to the whitey tightie of his youth, and the way it accentuates his best features.


Without question, the Active 9” shorts are a staple of Brienne’s wardrobe. When your outerwear consists of armor and chains, and you’re lifting a big ass sword on a regular basis, the absolute LAST thing you want to deal with is thigh chaffing. Every Amazon knows what we’re talking about. Fighting chub rub is the second most important thing to fight in this kingdom. The moisture wicking properties keep her cool and calm. She prefers the jelly fish version. It gives her one thing to smile about every day.


Sadly, Tyrion goes commando. We know he’ll convert once he tries the micro modal, but he’s been hard to reach of late.


Yara doesn’t let many know it, but underneath all that crusty leather exterior she loves the silky soft texture of the 4.5” MicroModal. Sure, it’s good for the environment, but she’s more concerned with the comfort and fit. There’s joy when she puts it on in the morning and joy in the evening when they’re ripped off of her. 


Growing up a slave, Missandei remains frugal and true to herself. Three packs all the way. They are perfect under dresses (no panty lines), they don’t ride up when she's in a hurry to get somewhere, and they give her the confidence to face all of her fears. She’s saving her money to splurge on the Rise Up Print matching set.


Unlike the other characters, Theon’s choice of underwear changes every season. In Season 3 he went from the 4.5” MicroModal to the 6” Stripe cotton blend, which gives him more coverage, a tighter fit, and ease of movement. Seeking strength and balls, in Season 7 he opted to don the Active 9” under the basic board shorts and sports a whole new attitude. Go Theon, Go!


Tell us in the comments below what character best fits your underwear style.