Ellen | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

I have always struggled with the idea of not being “enough.” Not good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, not feminine enough. All the things. It has at times felt challenging working in fields like film and music where being “enough” felt determined by the cishet men who dominate those fields. (Although, let’s be real that it’s not just in my fields of work.) But years of growing and changing, has made me realize that I get to determine what “enough” is for myself.
I’m queer,  I’m feminine and masc in ways I want to be, and I’m good enough to be in the fields I want, creating what I want. I’m also very thankful for being surrounded by great people who help me continue to grow in better ways, and help support my ambitions to not only be good enough, but great.
Pronouns: she/her 
Social media handle: @classiccallaghan @this.is.maev