The Next Big Thing

We've got something good cookin' at TomboyX central... Meet Jaimie, our in-house Product Development Assistant. She makes sure the quality on all our underwear is up to par, helps with our product lines and putting in orders to get our underwear made, and lately, she's been working on some exciting custom releases. Check out her process—and make sure to read to the end for a sneak peek.



At TomboyX, it’s our goal to create amazing underwear. We look at our collections and think "what can we do next?" Our basics, the solid color undies, are a staple for us and our customers, but we are always looking at how we can expand our offerings. This past spring, we released our first striped prints, and since then, we've been working on something even more special—underwear printed with custom designs. Currently in development, this collection of in-house designed and purchased prints are inspired by vintage and eclectic artwork, elements of the natural world, and you, our customer.   


Each print that we design goes through a creative process. We play with different colors ways, layouts, scales and repeats. Collaboration is a key component to making a successful print.



Throughout the design process it is critical that the print compliments every size we carry. We want every person wearing our print to absolutely love it. We choose colors carefully, making sure the colors in the print are consistent with the color story of TomboyX. 



Once the print is finalized, we submit the artwork to our printer. The printer creates a “strike-off” — a draft of our print, printed on fabric for review. Through this strike-off, we can approve color, repeat, and scale before it goes into production. This stage in development can take a couple tries before the print meets out standards.  


Sneak Peek Alert! Camo debuts on the site later this week, keep an eye out to see what colors and fits will feature our first custom design.


After approval, we give our printer the green light to start printing for production, and within a month or two, it gets shown on our site and you can take it home!