What Makes French Terry Joggers So Comfortable?


Athleisure style wouldn’t be complete without this item; neither would your go-to lazy day wardrobe, or your casual walk around the block attire. We’re talking, of course, about the ever-popular joggers.

The age of sweatpants is upon us; the bottoms sported by your everyday joe to your swankiest celeb are experiencing a cultural peak, and we’re loving it. Add to this already popular design a super soft and lovable fabric –– French terry cloth, that is –– and you’ve got yourself the perfect pant.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for why we think French terry joggers are some of the comfiest around!

French Terry: All About the Cloth

What Is French Terry Cloth?

French terry cloth is a kind of knit. The outside of french terry fabric is smooth, featuring small knitted loops, while the interior consists of soft yarn piles.

French terry cloth can be described as a medium to lightweight fabric. It is sometimes mistaken for Jersey fabric or fleece, which are very similar but have their own distinct qualities. French terry cloth is most often made of cotton.

What Makes French Terry Cloth So Comfortable?

The soft piles of yarn on the interior of French terry cloth make it incredibly soft and plush. French terry cloth is frequently used in athletic clothes and loungewear because it provides comfort and warmth while still easily contouring to the movements of the wearer.

Cotton French terry cloth is also absorbent, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. It is wrinkle-resistant, resulting in garments that are easy to take care of. The interconnected loops on this knit fabric make for a long-lasting product; it prevents fraying and supports a stretch factor.

While French terry is a knit and therefore can be made out of different textile fibers __ such as polyester or rayon –– our French terry cloth at TomboyX is made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton blended with a hint of spandex. While the cotton provides softness and breathability, spandex contributes to the flexibility and stretch of the pants.

What Is OEKO-TEX Cotton?

Let’s start with the more simple question: what is cotton? Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from cotton plants. To make cotton, cotton seeds are harvested and then separated from the fibers, which make up single cells. These fibers are overlapped and twisted to create fabric threads, which we use for everything from clothes to bed sheets.

We’ve all probably seen, felt, and worn a lot of cotton in our lives. And yet, not all of us may not have heard about the OEKO-TEX label.

When a piece of clothing carries the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX, it means it has been tested and found free of substances that are harmful to human health. This is measured by independent test institutes, following a high and strict set of global standards that are updated yearly.

Knowing that you’re wearing safe clothing can help contribute to your ease of mind and, ultimately, provide greater enjoyment of the fabric itself.

Joggers: All About the Fit

But that’s enough talk about French terry cloth. After all, there’s more to an item of clothing than the cloth it’s made of. For example, you have to consider its shape and size, along with any features that may or may not come with the garment.

Let’s take a look at the jogger itself and why it’s a comfy staple.

Adjustable Drawstrings

Picture this: it’s the end of the day, you have just treated yourself to a fabulous dinner, and now you want to settle down on the couch and watch a movie. Suddenly, the top of your pants feels too tight around the waistline.

With joggers, that will never be an issue. You can simply loosen up the drawstrings and enjoy the benefits of an elastic waistband, no matter the state of your belly.

Similarly, drawstrings can also be tightened to elevate a look. Going out in an athleisure style get-up? Just pull the drawstrings for a waist-cinching effect or simply to keep them in place while you get down on the dance floor.

Relaxed Legs

Move over, skinny jeans, there’s a new casual favorite in town. And it’s got something that slim denim will never have: plenty of room for your legs! While joggers can vary in bagginess ––ranging from a more slim cut to oversized parachute pants –– you can be sure that there will always be room to breathe.

The relaxed fit of joggers allows for a full range of motion and flexibility. That’s part of what makes them such a favorite both for lounging and exercising. Even if you sweat a bit, that fabric won’t cling to your legs. 

Roomy Pockets

It’s hard to overestimate the value of pockets. When they’re not present, you definitely notice. Part of a comfortable outfit is its practicality and usefulness; when you’re out and about, you will be grateful for not needing to carry a bag when your jogger pockets will do just fine. Even just in your home, a roomy pair of pockets can be a resting place for your phone or even a water bottle.

Plus, without pockets, where would you allow your hands to relax as you lean casually against a wall? Sometimes, nothing comes more naturally than that, and joggers allow for plenty of casual leaning.

Wearing Them: How To Make French Terry Joggers the Most Comfortable

We’ve gone over the basics of why we love French terry cloth and relaxed joggers so much. But as comfy as they are, you can always elevate your cozy style.

Here’s how:

  • Pair them with an oversized sweater. Baggy on baggy is in these days, and we’re not complaining. There’s nothing that makes you feel as warm and fuzzy as a big sweatshirt or pullover with your favorite pair of joggers.
  • Go with a soft baby tee. One way to create interest in an outfit is to play with contrasting shapes –– tight vs. loose, small vs. big, etc. A small tank or crop top is a trendy addition to a pair of joggers; the right fabric can make it just as comfortable, too.
  • Socks and sneakers. On a breezy but mild day, the perfect fit involves rolling up your joggers just enough to show off some white socks underneath. Pair those with a pair of practical platform sneakers, and you’re good to go.
  • Wear them as pajamas. Some of us sleep with nothing at all; others like to pile on the warmth and coziness. If the latter sounds like you, make joggers a regular part of your nighttime wardrobe.
  • Get creative. While we’re all for maintaining the integrity of a great pair of joggers, we all like to get a little crafty when summer rolls around and you start to get –– well, sweaty. A pair of scissors and a bit of nerve is all you need to turn a pair of joggers into the comfiest, breeziest shorts you’ve ever owned.

Final Thoughts

French terry joggers are a closet staple from loungers, to lovers, to gym bros alike. Dressed up or down, this versatile garment is notable for its trendiness as well as its convenience.

It’s no wonder that pretty much anyone, at any age or walk of life, either owns or wants a pair of these. With a comfy knit and a comfier fit, you just can’t go wrong.



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