Breast Shapes: Understanding the Different Types

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Diversity is something of immense beauty and an integral part of every single person’s body. Our boobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as unique as we are. In this post, we will explore the dynamics of different breast shapes, learn how to identify our own, and help us to celebrate our differences. 

Let’s dive in.

What Are Different Types of Breast Shapes?

First things first — it’s important to recognize that there is not one “ideal” breast shape and that all breast sizes and shapes are valid and worthy of celebration. Just like everybody has a different size and shape, the same goes for breasts.

As a society, we need to move away from unrealistic standards of beauty and instead promote inclusivity and acceptance of all body types. Put aside any comparison or judgment you may have towards yourself or other people, and be sure to spread positivity and celebrate diversity! 

With this in mind, here’s an overview of the different types of breast shapes:

Round Breasts

The first type of breast shape is called the round shape. This kind of breast shape has a higher profile with more fullness at the upper quarter of the breasts. If you have this kind of shape, you find yourself in good company since about 50% of people have round breasts

For those with round breasts, pushup bras are a great choice as they can provide extra lift and definition. You could also opt for a comfy-cozy bralette like our Adjustable Triangle Bralette — a supportive, soft structure with straps that can be worn crossed or straight to customize your fit. 

Bell Breasts

The Bell Shape (also known as full-bottomed breasts) consists of two distinct parts — a full upper half that tapers off sharply towards the bottom half. Nipples on bell-shaped breasts face forward.

They may also point slightly inwards or outwards depending on the size and placement of tissue within each section. This type is often associated with larger cup sizes as well as having more tissue at the top than towards the bottom, creating an overall curvier profile from the side view when compared to other types of shapes.

For the ideal bra fit and bra style for bell breasts, look for a comfortable bra that covers the whole breast. Sports bras can be particularly supportive when on the go. 

Tear Drop Breasts

The next type of breast shape is teardrop or "pear" shaped. This type has more fullness at the bottom than at the top and gives off an overall soft appearance. It's also quite common for people to have one breast larger than the other if they have this shape, so look for padded bras or a bralette with a full-coverage fit that can create a balance between both sides. 

Tubular Breasts

Another type of breast shape is tubular breasts, also known as “constricted” or “tubular” shaped breasts. These types of breasts lack upper fullness or volume and may appear flatter on top than on the bottom. Tubular breasts often have very pointed nipples that point downward instead of upward or outward in opposite directions, like most other breast shapes do. 

Note that tubular breasts don’t necessarily mean that you have smaller-sized breasts. Some people with tubular-shaped breasts may still be larger-breasted than average even though they have less upper fullness or volume compared to others with rounder or fuller-looking breast shapes. 

Due to their unique shape, styles such as a bandeau bra that goes straight across the chest will be more comfortable for those with this breast type, as it won’t press on the breasts too much. Our Racerback Soft Bra in your bra size is another perfect bra for you — especially if you’re looking for support and comfort! 

Asymmetrical Breasts

The next type of breast shape is asymmetrical breasts. This is when one side is slightly bigger than the other side. This may create the appearance of opposing sizes and/or firmness/softness levels. 

Breasts with asymmetry can be caused by any number of factors, such as genetics, aging, breastfeeding, weight loss, or weight gain. It can also be due to underlying medical conditions such as mammary duct ectasia (MDE) — breast health is super important to us, so make sure to get checked out regularly, including getting mammograms and other screenings. 

The easiest solution for slightly uneven breasts is to wear a molded cup bra. These bras are fitted to the larger size breast, hiding the difference in size without compromising your look. Spacer bras and plunge bras are excellent picks for asymmetrical breasts. They’re lightweight, breathable, and give your breasts a rounded shape.

Conical Breasts 

Conical-shaped breasts have tapered tips that make them appear cone-like when viewed from the side profile view. They may also have some vertical cleavage lines between them, although they don't typically have any pronounced curves as other breast shapes do.

Since conical-shaped breasts tend to be quite similar in size (unlike other shapes), they can easily be fitted into skimpier bralettes without too much hassle. 

Athletic Breasts

Athletic breasts have a round shape with a flat appearance. They usually appear less full than round breasts and have nipples that point forward.

When shopping for bras for athletic breasts, styles with center panels and side wires for extra support are ideal. You can also look for bras with padding for more lift and enhanced shape.

East-West Breasts

Then there's the east/west or "spread" shaped breasts which are more widely spaced apart from each other. East-west breasts may give off a conical look where nipples point outwards instead of facing forward like most other shapes.

Those who possess this type should opt for seamless molded cups or bras with side support panels to help bring their breasts closer together while still providing enough lift and support. 

Pendulous Breasts

Finally, there are pendulous breasts, which are breasts that hang low and have a natural droop. They may also have larger nipples and areolas. They can be pendulous for a number of reasons, but most commonly, this is because of fluctuations in weight, gravity, aging, or genetics. 

For this shape, full-coverage bras with wide straps for extra support. Additionally, choose bras with wider center panels and a higher underwire to provide extra lift and support.

Identifying Your Breast Shape

Now that we know the different types of shapes, it’s time to identify your own. First, take a look at yourself in the mirror and find the fullest part of your breast. Then, try to note other features like the shape of your nipples, the size of your areolas, and the direction your breasts are pointing.

Once you have a better idea of what your breast shape looks like, you can use a chart or guide to match up the features you see in the mirror. If you’re still uncertain, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members for their opinion or talk to a professional.

When it comes to measuring a bra size, you have a ton of options, which is awesome. To find your perfect cup size, first, you’ll need your band size measurement. The band size is found by measuring the width of your rib cage, aka where the bra band will sit.

Then, measure your cup size. Measuring your cup size can get a tad complex when you bring factors like sister sizes into the equation, so we simplified our TomboyX sizing chart. Our sizing chart is fairly simple to navigate since all the measurements are in inches — no cup sizes to confuse and confound!

Tips on Celebrating Your Body and Breast Shape

No matter what your shape or size, feeling confident and comfortable in your body is key. A great way to start is to acknowledge that breasts come in all shapes and sizes — not one type of shape is better than the other. 

Appreciate your unique shape and find clothing that fits, flatters, and celebrates your body and breasts. Even if you’re not feeling your best, there are small ways to make yourself feel more confident, like wearing a bra with a cute print that fits comfortably or trying out positive self-talk.

Trending Bras for Every Body

No matter your shape, size, or age, it’s vital to recognize and appreciate the beauty of diversity. With this guide, we hope you’ve gained a better understanding of the different types of breast shapes and how to identify your own.

Most importantly, we want you to feel confident and proud of your own unique shape, whether you have bigger or smaller breasts. It’s time to celebrate our differences and recognize the beauty of diversity!

For comfortable bras that fit just right, check out our inventory of comfortable bras at TomboyX. Whether you’re working with asymmetrical breasts, round breasts, or athletic breasts, you can count on us to have just the bra for you!


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