Don’t let the name fool you. Boy shorts are for everyone. They are the perfect style for all-day comfort and total coverage. A great underwear choice when you want to let loose and not worry about what’s going on underneath. At TomboyX, we’ve been designing and wearing boy shorts since the beginning.

Boy shorts are styled after traditional men’s boxer briefs. They cover the entire hip, and unlike the male-only version, boy shorts are usually lower cut to not only be flattering but also totally comfortable and versatile enough to be worn for many different purposes.

Because of their coverage level, boy shorts are a favorite women’s underwear style to pair with skirts, dresses, jeans or snow pants. Whether you are picnicking in the park, chasing kiddos on the playground, or hit with an unexpected gust of snow on a hike, boy shorts will serve you well by keeping your cheeks undercover.

When you want to wear a little less, boy shorts underwear can do double duty. From lounging around on a lazy Sunday to sunbathing in your backyard to staying cool and free for a yoga sesh, boy shorts can be your go-to bottom style without needing anything on top.

We know not all underwear styles are created equal up and down the size chart, but boy shorts achieve high marks for being a top pick for people of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to full-cheek coverage and a stay-put design, TomboyX boy shorts are a constant best-seller.

Add TomboyX boy shorts to your underwear lineup and you won’t be disappointed. You can get ours in a huge selection of colors, patterns, and prints to outfit your whole year. And just like all of our underwear, they come in sizes from XS-4X.

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