What Are Boxers and Who Were They Made For?

Wearing the right pair of underwear is essential to having a fantastic day, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same kind of underwear every day. 

One day, you may be in a sexier mood that makes you want to slip on a lacy thong that exudes confidence. Or perhaps it’s a rainy day, and you want to spend it indoors reading. Nothing would fit that cozy occasion better than a pair of boxers.

Whatever mood you’re in, you should know about all of your underwear options so that you can always feel comfortable. 

While we’re on the topic of underwear education, let’s take a look at boxers. We’ll cover what boxers are and describe the different types out there so that you can see if boxers are the right underwear for your perfect day.  

Where Did Boxers Come From?

Did you know that we can trace boxers back to the 19th century? 

Back in the day, there was a specific kind of drawers that boxers would wear in the ring. These were typically tight-fitting at the bottom — unlike the boxers of today — but some well-known fighters traded these undies in for woolen, loose-fitting trunks at the start of the twentieth century.

Knit boxers exploded in popularity once members of the United States military were given them to wear throughout the summertime. The general public began to wear them, too, once soldiers returned home, bringing boxers back with them.

It wasn’t too long afterward that preferences shifted towards more tight-fitting underwear. Although that’s still the case, boxers are a staple in plenty of underwear drawers. 

Let Freedom Ring

Boxers have a reputation for the feeling of freedom we get when we wear them. There are so many types of underwear, and most of them are form-fitting, like cheeky underwear, thongs, and briefs. But not boxers — they let everything breathe.

Boxers are basically like loose-fitting shorts that make you feel like you’re in heaven. Sometimes, you just want to feel like you’re not wearing underwear at all. Boxers are an awesome choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and airy feel.

Still, it is important to remember that boxers are not an ideal match for every pair of pants. If you plan on wearing a tight pair of pants or leggings, then you may want to opt for another kind of underwear. Some kinds of underwear are made with fabric that clings to the skin and stays put so that it doesn’t move with the friction of your pants on top of them. 

Because boxers have that luxurious loose fit, there’s nothing to keep them from bunching up underneath your pants. This can make for an uncomfortable day (and advertise that you’re wearing boxers to everyone around you) if you are sporting tight leather pants. Loose pants are the perfect match for your boxers.

Although their fit is relaxed, modesty won’t be an issue. This underwear is full coverage, and they usually reach down your leg to about a third of the way down your thigh.

What About Material?

Your underwear’s fabric makes a world’s difference. When it comes to boxers, you’re likely going to be dealing with cotton. That’s an excellent fabric for use in boxers for several reasons.

First, there’s its breathability, one of cotton’s best-known features. On any occasion where you’re getting a bit toasty — like exercising on the elliptical or spending some time outside on a summer day — you’re going to be thankful for cotton boxers. They easily let air pass through the fibers straight to your skin.

What will probably be your favorite feature about cotton fabric is that it’s soft to the touch. Cotton has long fibers that reach out from the fabric itself. This design is behind the soft feeling that we tend to associate with cotton. Trust us: you’ll want that feeling on your legs and tush all day long.

And don’t forget about its durability. When you care for cotton correctly, it will last and last and last.

Talk About Versatility

There’s beauty in versatility, and you can find just that in boxers. While we’ve been talking about traditional boxers that fit loosely, there’s a hybrid kind of boxers that takes the best parts of boxers and briefs and combines them. It’s time to talk boxer briefs.

Briefs are the complete opposite of boxers. They are shorter, tighter, and usually made from different materials. While boxers give more space for all your parts, cotton stretch boxer briefs have a snug fit that offers support that boxers can’t provide. However, they don’t have nearly as much coverage. There could be a possibility of chafing, depending on your pants and activity.

Then there’s that sweet, sweet meeting in the middle: boxer briefs. This hybrid takes the length and coverage of boxers and combines it with the snug fit and support of briefs. We know; it’s genius.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are best sellers for a reason. That snug fit is perfect for wearing underneath any pair of pants. You want to wear a tee and sweatpants over boxer briefs? Go right ahead. You’re planning on rocking boxer briefs under a pair of skinny jeans as you walk through the mean streets of New York? Do it. 

Because boxer briefs use the same kind of material as traditional briefs, you won’t have trouble with them bunching up while you’re on the move. Plus, while boxer briefs can provide just as much coverage as boxers, their length can vary.

Some brands will make boxer briefs with a wide range of inseam lengths so that you can find the pair that’s just right for you. Long-leg boxer briefs may be a better option if you’re wearing tighter pants to avoid chafing, just like short inseams would likely be a useful option if you’re sporting loose pants or shorts.

Made for Movement

If you consider yourself to be an active, high-energy person, then you should consider wearing performance boxer briefs during those activities instead of woven boxers

Not only is there support if you need it down there, but when they’re made from synthetic fabrics like Spandex, polyester, and elastane, they also compress your muscles in a way that is beneficial for your muscles’ performance.

These synthetic fibers also have amazing moisture-wicking capabilities.  Anytime there’s a buildup of moisture, these fabrics transfer the sweat from your skin out through the fabric to evaporate into the air. It’s a great way to avoid excess moisture downstairs.

With the popularity of boxer briefs, you’re sure to find a pair of boxer briefs that have a color and design that fits you. In fact, you’d be surprised at all of the options you’d have. 

9” Boxer Briefs

One example is this pair of 9” Boxer Briefs. These aren’t your grandparents’ gingham boxers — you’ll find solid colors, rainbow pride strips, rainbow tie-dye, flower designs, and beyond. More than that, these boxer briefs may be our longest cut, but they have an elastic waistband along with a hint of spandex that will keep them from bunching or riding up. 

That on top the supersoft cotton blend these boxer shorts use will make all your underwear dreams come true. Grab a three-pack and experience supreme comfort, adaptability, and accessibility whenever you feel like it.

6” Boxer Briefs

It doesn’t stop there. We also have a variety of options when it comes to inseam length and fabric. Take a look at these boxer briefs that come with a mid-length 6” inseam and a mid-rise fit. 

They use the same cotton blend as the previous pair, and we can’t emphasize enough how surprised you’ll be when you feel how soft it is.

So, Who Are Boxers For?

If the awesome benefits of boxers sound good to you, then boxers are for you. Everyone, anywhere on the gender spectrum, looking for something loose and soft to lounge in can find what they’re looking for in a quality pair of boxers

For others looking for support, compression, and underwear that prevents chafing without bunching under your pants, y’all will love boxer briefs.

Help to create new norms that include accepting everyone for who they are, what they love, and who they identify as. We’re talking about blurring the lines and creating a more beautiful world, one undergarment at a time.



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