13 Great Reasons To Own a Black Muscle Tank


Oh, the trusty tank top –– in one form or another, it has been around for ages. It’s hard to imagine that baring your arms used to be somewhat of a taboo in Western society.

However, with the fashion revolution of the Roaring Twenties and innovations in athletic swimwear, sleeveless shirts slowly entered mainstream fashion. In fact, it was its origin in swimwear where we get the word “tank,” –– which refers to a swimming tank, i.e., a pool.

By the 1980s, tank tops and sleeveless tees were commonplace as everyday wear. Today, the muscle tank is a type of sleeveless top that’s particularly beloved in athletic wear. But you don’t need to be a fitness expert to rock one of these. A black tank top is a sporty staple that everyone should have in their closet.

Don’t believe us? We’re here to convince you. Check out these 13 reasons why you should get yourself a handy black muscle tank!

1. Experience Comfort To the Max

Whether you plan to lounge on your couch, take a jog, or hang out with friends, you always want to put comfort first. That’s where a muscle tank is always a good option.

The relaxed fit avoids any clingy or too-tight areas. Breezy armholes let your skin breathe. Lightweight TENCEL™ Modal fabric with Spandex creates a material that isn’t just soft but stretchy, too. A black muscle tank combines the extraordinary powers of luxury comfort and sporty style.

2. You Can Customize It

Something to love about any black top is the sheer amount of use you can get out of it. It’s a blank canvas that you can fully make your own. A black muscle tank is no exception.

If you’re the crafty type, you can begin customizing it right away with stitched-on slogans or a handmade fringe. Tack on pins, buttons, or even safety pins for a bit of that edgy DIY aesthetic. Your top, your design.

3. It Looks Great on Everyone

One of the best things about a black muscle tank is simple: It suits everyone. No matter your size, shape, or where you fall on the gender spectrum –– anyone can pull this off.

You can always find a reliable outfit in this simple yet versatile top. At TomboyX, we aim to accommodate a range of sizes. Our muscle tanks are fit tested on sizes XS through 4X.

4. A Black Tank Goes With Everything

Even those who put little thought into their everyday dress know one thing: black goes with everything. You can never go wrong with having a few simple, black staples in your closet.

A black muscle tank can be combined with different tops and bottoms to create endless looks. Oversized blue jeans, gym shorts, mini skirts –– the blank muscle tank is a friend to all.

5. It Shows Off Your Arms

Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym. Maybe you’ve been soaking up the sun. Either way, you want to show off your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

There’s no better way to do that than donning the classic, athletic muscle tank. Keeping it simple and black lets you flaunt your confidence endlessly. A casual arm flex is, of course, encouraged.

6. Enjoy Freedom of Motion

Muscle tanks are ideal for everyday activities, as well as more physically demanding ones. Some tops can be uncomfortable when you lift your arms more than waist height. Not this one –– this muscle tank is just as flexible as you are, with slightly oversized armholes to accommodate a full range of motion.

7. It’s a Sustainable and Stretchy Fabric

Our black muscle tanks here at TomboyX combine two materials for one great fabric feel: 95% TENCEL™ Modal and 5% Spandex. As you may already know, Spandex provides that much-desired stretch.

Here’s a quick review on TENCEL™ Modal fibers:

TENCEL™ Modal are ultra-soft, biodegradable, and compostable fibers sourced from beechwood trees. Softer than cotton and exceptionally long-lasting, TENCEL™ Modal is known for its longevity, flexibility, and lush feel. We’re proud to bring to you a fabric that supports sustainability in fashion.

8. They’re Superbly Sweat-Proof

The dreaded pit stains –– no matter what activity you’re doing, it can often be hard to avoid them. A lot of us will do just about anything to minimize the occurrence of such stains. That’s where the muscle tank comes in handy.

Sleeveless and loose, you can finally let those underarms breathe. With a deep black fabric, you’re unlikely to be left with any noticeable sweat stains.

9. You Can Show a Bit of Skin

To show or not show skin –– that’s the age-old question. A muscle tank is a good place to land if you want to do a bit of both.

While technically modest, baring your arms and shoulders can add some interest to your outfit. It can also be an eye-catching statement. 

10. Go Ahead and Catch Some Sun

Just in time for summer! While it’s important to protect yourself from UV rays by wearing sunscreen and taking other protective measures, some of us are still trying to get a little tan while we still can.

T-shirts can lead to the awkward farmer’s tan, while sleeveless shirts (or no shirt at all) can leave you a bit over-exposed. Muscle tanks offer a nice alternative: sun-kissed shoulders while feeling breezy.

11. Dress It Up for a Day Out

We love the versatility of a black muscle tank. Sure, it may first come off as a rather sporty top. However, a few adjustments and accessories are all you need to elevate it for a dressier occasion.

French-tucked into some slacks and paired with a blazer and loafers, it’s an effortlessly chic look for a business-casual lunch. You can also throw on a pair of skinny jeans, earrings, and an extra pop-of-color accessory before heading out on a day trip around town. 

12. Layers on Layers

A black muscle tank can form a powerful basic building block of any outfit. You can wear it on its own with a pair of bottoms and be good to go –– however, if you want to experiment a bit with your look, the sky’s the limit.

The keyword? Layering. Throw on a denim jacket that you can easily shed on a summer’s evening. Because of the loose armholes, you can even use the muscle tank as a top layer, paired with a long-sleeved tee underneath. You can even wear a tank under a jumpsuit or overalls for a totally fashion-forward option.

13. Infinite Loungewear and Undershirt Opportunities

We’ve already covered a variety of occasions where you can rock a muscle tank –– but what about the comfort of your own home? You can always do with some cozy lounge and sleepwear.

A muscle tank makes a comfy pajama shirt, especially in those summer months where you’re trying to keep cool under the sheets. It can also function as an undershirt to throw on under a button-down for a bit of extra security.

Tanks a Lot

The black muscle tank is already a staple in wardrobes around the globe –– so why not yours? With this garment, you get effortless style on top of all-day comfort. Whether you’re looking for workout gear, daily wear, or just something to throw on while at home, you really can’t go wrong with this top.

Check out this classic black muscle tank at TomboyX, or browse around our other active top options for similar styles!


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