Barbara | Unbound by Constraints - TomboyX

Born and raised on a small island nestle in the heart of the Caribbean, my childhood was marked with the rhythmic sounds of the sea and the vibrant colors and culture of the community that surrounded me. From a young girl I harbored dreams that reached far beyond the horizons of my beautiful island.

Growing up in a family with limited resources, my mother taught me to never let your circumstances define your future. As a teen mom I was faced with many challenges and with fierce determination I embraced the challenges and today enjoy the benefits.

Today I bask in the happiness that my childhood dreams were transformed into lived realities.

I have traveled to 7 continents, which has enriched my life and those around me. With dedication and perseverance, even the most challenging circumstances can’t hold back someone with a burning desire to achieve their dreams.

Dreams are achievable, no matter where we start in life.

Instagram: @Mysweettrips
Pronouns: She/her