The Androgynous Person's Guide to Fall Outfits

Autumn sits in that sweet spot between the heat of summer and the restricting cold of winter. You can layer up without having to worry too much about falling snow –– plus, with Halloween on the horizon, you can even begin to lean into some dark and spooky vibes. Today we’re going to talk about how to make the most of an androgynous fashion sense this season.

It’s time to — at least partially — retire the flip-flops and bucket hats in favor of warmer, cozier, autumnal outfits. Of course, don’t store those flip-flops and buckets too deep in your closet; who knows when a surprisingly temperate day or beach vacation will call your name?

Are you looking for gender-neutral styles in the fall fashion arena? Let’s get excited: Here are some tips and tricks to get your androgynous fall styles in line before winter rolls around!

Tips for Androgynous Fall Fashion

Layers Are Your Friend

One of the major reasons everybody loves fall fashion above other seasons is it’s the ideal time for layering. Dusters, leather jackets, and hoodies are all gender-neutral layering options you can try in autumn.

Because temperatures have not yet dropped to frigid levels, you can wear layers that look great, even if they’re a bit light and impractical. However, you can also opt for super comfortable and stylish jackets.

A black windbreaker, for example, will protect against chilly winds while also lending a sporty and effortless vibe. The ever-beloved trench coat, an originally utilitarian garment for World War I soldiers, has since become a functional and fashionable staple for everyone.

Get Your Boots On

Put away the flip-flops and sandals –– autumn is the season of platforms, thigh-highs, and ankle boots. Boots are a great asset to an androgynous look (Prince certainly knew this!). Not only do they look great on everyone, but they can also lend a bit of height for a more statuesque silhouette.

Certain boots have always had their place in genderless fashion. Even high-heeled boots can be a great gender neutral option; after all, high-heels were originally worn by men in the 15th century before they became more associated with femininity.

Brown and black faux leather boots are an androgynous autumn fashion go-to. Add in some faux fur or chain detailing for a more hard-core angle.

Dark and Muted Colors Are In

We all love our pops of color, but fall fashion is a fab opportunity to create a cozy, spooky, or moody atmosphere. That’s why muted and dark color palettes are wonderful for this season. Blending into rain-slicked streets and meshing well with the browns, yellows, and reds of the fall foliage is what it’s all about.

If you tend to go for genderless looks, you may appreciate straying away from bright colors, anyway. Navy, maroon, and dark ochre or umber colors dominate this time of year. When you do want some brighter tones, a pop of orange is a great way to pay homage to the season.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Scarily Creative

When you think of fall, you may think of pumpkin-spiced beverages, rainy days, apple orchards, and, of course, Halloween.

If you’re already getting into the Halloween spirit, consider reflecting on this in your androgynous wardrobe. We’re not talking about donning a costume in September; however, you can show spooky motifs in your clothes through fun prints and accessories.

Gender-neutral Halloween attire can include all kinds of things. From underwear covered in your favorite monsters to graphic tees that pay homage to classic horror films, don’t be afraid to go wild. Gender-neutral fashion is about being true to who you are as a person, so why not lean into showing off the spooky things you love?

Black Is Back

During the summer, you may have strayed away from black in favor of more colorful outfits. However, as the temperature drops and ghostly decorations begin to appear in your neighbor’s yard, it’s time to don the shade that flatters everyone, no matter their age or gender –– with a good ol’ fashioned black garment.

Black turtlenecks, slacks, hoodies, sweaters, or tees are all great genderless autumn options. Having black basics in your wardrobes also makes it incredibly easy to mix and match. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, black is the perfect neutral ground to build any outfit off of.

Remember To Stay Warm

We’ve already talked a bit about layering (everybody’s favorite aspect of fall clothing), but there are plenty of ways to stay warm and cozy during this season. Consider, for example, what kind of material you’re wearing. Breezy and lightweight clothes are great for summer, but they can often leave you feeling a bit exposed.

Instead, start looking for sturdier or thicker fabrics. Neutral-colored heavy knit sweaters, for example, are a gender-neutral fashion choice that feels as good as they look. You can also go for extra comfortable materials, such as a fleece sweatshirt or a pair of fleece joggers.

Moody Makeup Is for Everyone

Some of the biggest androgynous icons over the years have rocked makeup. Think David Bowie, Prince, Kurt Cobain –– in a time when make-up was considered a strictly “feminine” thing, these musicians stood out by wearing heavy eyeliner or colorful eyeshadow.

While summer may have been more about simple looks, autumn is a fantastic time to experiment with dark or moody makeup. Black eyeliner or vampiric smoky eyes can bring intrigue and mystery into any outfit. If you haven’t tried makeup before, this is also a good time to dip your toes in!

Androgynous Accessories To Try

When it comes to fall fashion accessories, bags are the first thing you should consider.

Academic-looking satchels with long straps, slick and discreet leather purses or retro fanny packs slung around your shoulder are all androgynous looks you can rock during autumn. They add style and practicality to any outfit –– after all, everyone can benefit from keeping some extra storage handy.

During the fall, some accessories might get hidden under all the layering. If you want to add a pop to your outfit that is subtle yet effective, consider a belt. Thick brown belts or slick black ones can add a surprising amount of suaveness to any outfit –– and they’re one of the most gender-inclusive accessories there is.

Try Plaid and Tartan Prints

There are plenty of ways to bring uniqueness and personality into your androgynous wardrobe. Prints and patterns are a great way to do so. Plaid and tartan prints are especially in demand in the fall season.

Tartan was a pattern originally worn in Scotland; once upon a time, different tartan kilts represented individual clans. Nowadays, a bunch of people like this kind of print for a rustic or academic vibe. This autumn, you can get cozy with tartan underwear and plaid pajamas.


Final Thoughts on Androgynous Fall Fashion

When it comes to androgynous fashion, personal taste is of the utmost importance. While you may hear differing opinions on what makes something androgynous, gender neutral, unisex, or genderless, it all comes down to what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

This fall, remember to stay warm, opt for deep, rich, moody colors, and, if you’re a fan of Halloween, don’t be scared to play with some spooky elements in your clothes. Now is the time to get creative!



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