The Androgynous Guide to Spring Outfits

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Even though we’re busy planning all things winter holidays — spring will be here in the blink of an eye. Plus, let’s be honest, once winter is in full effect, the longing for spring to arrive will be at an all-time high.

With that in mind, why not start scouting new spring outfits? The best of spring 2023 has been showcased on the runway in New York, London, and Milan.

Here’s the summary of what will come next season for androgynous fashion:

Spring 2023 Trends


Springtime is synonymous with flowers, butterflies, and bright colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your 90s nostalgia.

90’s goth looks are set to make a comeback this spring. It’s finally time to channel that all-black, grunge aesthetic. Rock pleather pants, studded garments, and fringe to bring a little edge to your everyday wear. Add in a classic smokey eye or faux-hawk for a full grunge moment.


Leather jackets have been a wardrobe staple for years, and this spring will be no different. The Biker vibe this spring will be centered around a basic black leather jacket and a more minimalist aesthetic. Try pairing it with black leather pants or baggy trousers for a well-rounded look. Don’t forget your biker boots!


Athletic clothes for non-athletic activities are here to stay; athleisure is more popular than ever.

This spring, continue pairing biker shorts with casual T’s or sport an athleisure set with an oversized blazer and sneakers. The athleisure look is all about balance — offset tight tops with more loose-fitting bottoms.


Baggy Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have made their way into the denim rotation this year. Their relaxed fit gives a streetwear aesthetic, and let’s not overlook how comfortable they are.

This spring, “boyfriend” jeans (and their other baggy denim cousins) will continue to steal the show.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants will continue to diversify in style and color this spring. Pants with large side pockets can be paired with a simple bodysuit or an iconic white T. This spring will showcase the typical tan cotton cargo pants, but other materials like silk or satin will also emerge.



Sparkles and sequins aren’t just for New Year’s Eve. This spring will be filled with pieces showcasing an extra shimmer and shine. Keep an eye out for sequin tops paired with a classic pair of denim.


Lime green, highlighter pink, and baby blue will bring the energy of summer to spring fashion. These fluorescent pieces will take over a variety of pieces, from sweaters to shorts to blazers. Rock neons in every color of the rainbow for a hint of rainbow pride as you go about your day.


A monochromatic moment isn’t staying in 2022. Spring 2023 will continue the beige monochromatic trend. Layer up beige basics to build a calming yet elegant look.

These basics will shine together and when mixed and matched with other pieces. A beige and leather look is a fantastic go-to for a chic and sophisticated yet edgy aesthetic.



Think Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears at the 2001 American Music Awards. That’s right: Canadian Tuxedos will make a resurgence next spring.

Some are calling 2023 the Golden Age of Denim, so don’t be afraid to layer that jean jacket with a pair of denim jeans or a skirt.

For a flawless double denim ensemble, if you wear two pieces of blue denim, choose a top and button in different washes (light on top, dark on the bottom, for example). Or, go for black denim pants with light blue denim jeans — lovely.


It’s giving 1920’s Great Gatsby and 1990s grunge MTV. From skirts to tops, fringe adds texture and a level of sophistication to outfits. Look for fun items like dusters with fringe to pair with leather pants this spring.


Full transparency isn’t just a term for the workplace anymore — this spring, it’s coming to wardrobes. From sheer button-down tops to maxi dresses, this material adds dimension to pieces that would otherwise look like just another wardrobe basic.

What Is Androgynous Fashion?

Androgynous means a mix of male and female physical characteristics. Androgynous fashion avoids creating a physical distinction between feminine and masculine in clothing.

This style allows for freedom to dress in pieces that speak to an individual rather than that “belong” to a certain gender. These pieces can look like baggy denim, loose trousers, button-down shirts, running shorts, or even joggers.

How To Create an Androgynous Wardrobe


When creating an androgynous wardrobe, start by establishing a color scheme. That can include more neutral hues such as black, gray, tan, or white. It could include bright colors such as highlighter pink or lime green. One good tip for creating a timeless wardrobe is to opt for neutrals — as bright colors usually work perfectly with the spring season.

The next aspect to play around with is texture. Lace, silk, and satin soften the look of an outfit, while sequence or fringe adds a coarseness to an outfit’s aesthetic. Texture can also be added through patterns. Checkered or striped patterns add dimension to a look and a touch of character.

Staple items are great for creating a solid wardrobe foundation. These items serve as easy “mix and match” pieces that can create dozens of outfit varieties. A rotation of staple items makes for sustainable looks that don’t hurt the wallet. What could be better than that?

Oversized jeans are a classic staple item and a springtime must-have. With so many varieties nowadays, there’s something for everyone. From low-rise baggy to high-rise straight jeans, these offer a comfortable and trendy piece to build an outfit for any occasion. (An easy way to dress up denim is with a leather jacket or black blazer.)

Another great staple item is a loose top of choice. This could look like a white button-down or a chunky oversized sweater.

Loose tops are valuable because they can be easily layered under a jacket or over another top. They provide an easy option to fall back on for the days when it feels like “there is nothing to wear” and still ensure an effortless look that works with unpredictable spring weather.


One way to amplify a look is through accessories. They easily add character and a personal touch to any outfit.

If trying for something a bit more punk, opt for the accessory that doesn’t necessarily seem to go with the outfit. For example, a newsboy cap with a dress or a baseball cap with a blazer. This juxtaposition of unexpected combinations often creates a more diverse and gender-neutral look.

Some of the best accessories to stock up on are hats. Whether it is a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, or a derby hat, each will add character and dimension to an outfit.

Scarves are another fabulous option for the winter-to-spring transition. With the weather still a bit nippy, these serve a functional purpose and a fashionable one.

The final accessory to add to any wardrobe is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses subtly bring together the aesthetic of an outfit and add a little edge to a look.

A Spring in Our Step

Spring 2023 has so many exciting new trends on the horizon. Finding options that fit an androgynous or gender-confirming wardrobe can be a blast.

By prioritizing a color scheme, searching for timeless basics, and accessorizing, planning for androgynous spring trends has never been easier!


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