10 Adventurous Things to Do in Summer

The people behind the scenes at TomboyX do a lot more than fill your underwear drawer. We get out there. Since we’re based in the Pacific Northwest, summer’s when we really live it up, taking advantage of our gorgeous mountains, lakes, and forests—paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, and biking.

But no matter where you are, there’s at least one thing from our employee’s top 10 list you can tackle in your own backyard. If there’s no photo, it didn’t happen though. We wanna see you in your TomboyX gear getting after it.

1. Paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding (also called SUP) only requires two things: balance and a swimsuit. It’s a fun way to get out on the water if you don’t have a boat, want a full-body workout, or just want to explore cool, out-of-reach coves. Paddleboards can be an expensive purchase, so definitely try renting one beforehand--see if you like it.

2. Kayaking

Gliding across a glassy stretch of water is downright the most peaceful thing on this planet. If you can get out there at sunrise, the magic increases by a thousand. Picture your kayak moving through the morning fog, reflected sunlight shimmering in its wake. Instagram gold. Life gold. Soul gold. And the only thing stopping you is a kayak rental, a cute suit, and some SPF.

3. Surfing

Whether you’re just visiting or native to the coastline, summer is when the weather is great and the water is warm (which is the best time to surf). While we can’t promise a swell or a spot of coast to yourself, we can promise a good time. If you’re a beginner, the best way to start is in shallow water with small waves and a longboard, and if you’re a pro, you already know what to do. Our unisuits have been known to be great wetsuit alternatives.

4. Hiking

The best, and cheapest way, to explore the terrain around you is to hit the trails. No special gear required, just deep talks, snacks, and breaks along the way to life-changing vistas. Pro tip: pack a hammock and a few beers, find a lookout, hang and enjoy. And don’t forget your moisture wicking, soft-as-silk boyshorts. An uphill incline won’t feel pretty if your underwear is also going uphill (if you know what we mean).

5. Biking

A nice challenge would be to hit the trails on a mountain bike, but for the majority of us, we’re cruising flat, expansive, winding roads by road bike. They’re easy to rent, have electric options, and all you need is a helmet. The best part of biking is how easy it is to go the distance—try visiting an ice cream shop out of town or bikepacking to your campsite. Regardless, we recommend rockin’ our favorite boxer briefs as bike shorts. You’ll know why once you try.

6. Climbing

If the thought of climbing a vertical rock sounds appealing, this healthy dose of adrenaline might be right up your alley. Climbing does require a bit of gear and training, but there’s plenty to do both indoors and outdoors for every skill level and budget. Just find a gym or class in your area, make sure you’ve got the right undergarments (and top garments), and get ready to get your hands chalky.

7. Camping

Like the sound of a free Airbnb with waterfront views? Need a break from the busy city? Picture this: no cell service and the sound of birds chirping, wind rustling through the trees, and water trickling through a creek. The peace alone is enough of a reason to give it a try. We’ve already packed your underwear for the week. So, no excuses baby.

8. Scooting

Whether you want to reenact Mackemore’s Downtown music video, or race your best friend, riding a moped is always an adventurous outing. The only requirements beyond rental fees are sone fun prints, cool socks, and a helmet. Now, go enjoy the wind in your hair.

9. Snorkeling

This one’s as easy as picking up a snorkel set at the store and finding a body of water. There are plenty of coves, reefs, and fish to explore. You can take your experience up a notch by waterproofing your GoPro, and capturing your underwater journey in your favorite TomboyX swimsuit. Our social media team would eat that up.

10. Meditating

Try taking your meditation or yoga practice outdoors to really invigorate and engage your senses. Retreat to more remote locations carved into mountains or hidden among the flora and fauna. See what you notice (or don’t notice). Just make sure your clothing is free of distractions, and keeps you comfy and centered on what’s really important: enjoying what’s around you wholeheartedly.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we hope to see you out there enjoying each and every one of these warm-weather days.