CrossFit Athlete and Undies Inspiration, Bobbie Stanage 


Bobbie Stanage is no stranger to badassery. As a professional woman working in sales, she prioritizes time with her partner, John, newborn girl Weslie, and her insatiable love for CrossFit. There is no question why she became the inspiration for our signature boxer brief, the Bobbie.
You love CrossFit.
I got into doing CrossFit about 5 and a half years ago. I had a few friends urging me to try it out. I have always been active, but I'm not the kind of person who wants to plan out my workout. I would prefer to show up, you tell me what do, and kick my ass while doing it. So I tried a studio in the city.
And you loved it?
Yes! I love the results. They were really fast. I couldn't do a push up or pull up when I started. You get results so quickly.
Yes, I have heard stories of women who could not do a single pull-up, and then could crank out dozens after CrossFit.
It's true. I also gained community and friendship. When I think about it, the majority of my friends are my from my CrossFit studio. You show up to the class every day. You are socializing with them. As an adult going to a new city, it is an easy way to meet people. I'm in sales and cover a territory alone. If I knew about CrossFit when first moved to Seattle from the Midwest, I would have made friends much faster.
It makes sense you have a lot of friends from your studio. You would all have to share some of the same values.
Yes, it's not just a workout to me. This is a part of who I am. I still went five days a week while pregnant. And the one week I was on bedrest I was going to go crazy! This is how I relieve stress.



CrossFit while pregnant? 
Yes, I was conditioned for it. And Crossfit is scalable to everybody. People see CrossFit games on ESPN and get scared. They see professional athletes who are majority former Division 1. That is not normal. That is not me and many others. There is something for everyone. You are in competition with yourself, not others.
I also hear you're a new mom.
Yes. My first and last. One and done. I don't know if it's even hit me yet. It might be that I am older, too. I have planned for it. The hardest thing so far- being able to leave my house when I want to leave my house. I have to feed her every 3 hours. I literally have to go to bed at 8pm to get that 8 hours of sleep over the course of several intervals. That is why maternity leave makes sense. You need time to adjust. Funny, I took Weslie to CrossFit with me the other day. I had to stop and nurse her. But the amount of help that John gives me is huge. I wanted to find the right person. And John was the right person.
Tell me about him.
We have been together about 5 and a half years.



What! You met John and CrossFit at the same time? What luck.
Yeah, he said it was his muscles. I said it was love for football. He has an infectious personality. Everyone wants to be around him. It sounds cliche, but he makes me laugh every day. It is usually silly, and maybe a bit inappropriate, but I love it.
Who is your favorite tomboy?
I go back and forth about "what defines a tomboy"? There are females out there who are strong and athletic, but they also dress up and get really cute. They all inspire me. Marathon runners. CrossFit athletes. I am inspired by women in general who don't care about what people think and do what's best for them.
What is your favorite product?
Iconic briefs, they are super comfortable. I took every single pair with me to the hospital.