Tomboys Share their Goals for 2016

With the beginning of 2016, we asked some of our Facebook friends to let us in on their resolutions for the upcoming new year. Color us inspired by these tomboys! From fitness goals to education and helping others, our customers are the absolute best. Check ‘em out:



Angela Haley
Angela Haley said “My resolution for 2016 is to continue my fitness. I lost 140lbs (in 2015) and I want to continue to inspire and motivate people with my story. I also want to be able to finish school for personal training and get certified so I can really start helping people achieve their goals and resolutions for 2016!”
Fitness, education and career advancement are always fantastic goals. In addition to those, some people want to improve or eliminate negative situations.



La Toya Keys 

“My resolutions are to stop smoking and cursing” says La Toya Keys. “I also plan to become financially free in 2016. I want to become a homeowner and own that dream car of mine. Right now, I'm in the process of raising my credit score. When I accomplish my goals, whatever I have, my family has. Then I can start giving back to those less fortunate and changing their lives and situations. May God be with me on this journey because I love helping people. It's in my heart. God bless you all. Love the clothing line. When I get more money, I can order more products lol I can't wait. I'm excited!”

We are excited for you, Toya! It sounds like you have a full year of goals and they all sound fantastic.




Isabella Tebeau  


Isabella Tebeau told us, “I’m on a mission to make this world a better place. Everyone can do this. It always starts with one person and it has a ripple effect. Two years ago, I started a column in our local newspaper. I called it "Good News." The idea came after I was frustrated to see so many negative news stories on TV and in the paper. Good news happens every day. It's up to us whether we get lost in negativity or if we focus on the good.”

Isabella didn’t stop there. She said, “A short time later, I started a Facebook page called ‘Good News Taylor Made.’ We have a local community page and most posts were complaints and rants without any suggestions how to change the situation. I wanted to balance this out by focusing on the wonderful things that happen right here in Taylor where I live. We started pay-it-forward movements, we delivered space heaters for a family in need, we organized meals for Thanksgiving for the less fortunate, we spread cheer and smiles. When I say ‘we’, I mean our community. We have now over 1700 members and we even got nicknamed as the ‘friendliest town in Texas.’ I believe we are. Every town is only as good as the people living in it. A little kindness goes a long way.










Shelly Szmyt  


With tomboys like Isabella to lead and inspire, Texas won’t be the only place with love and positivity! In fact, Shelly Szmyt is on a similar path to change the people and things in her sphere of influence. She said, “I’m always inspired to be the change I want to see in the world. This coming up year will not be about me, but about how I can assist the change in other peoples' lives. In 2016, I plan to jump back into motivational speaking. I used to go to local charter schools and other life skill building centers and talk to children, teenagers and low income adults who all were looking to change their lives for the better. Time got away from me the last six months or so, but I am going to start speaking again. Knowing I helped someone change the way they view themselves is what fulfills my soul. I'm so thankful!!! Peace and love to you all!”

You sold us on your inspiring abilities, Shelly! We believe you will be the change that we would all like to see in the world and we stand behind you.










Vicki Wylie 


Finally, Vicki Wylie made us swell with pride. She is an overcomer, saying, “I had three strokes, the first happened four years ago. My doctors put me on all this medication and the weight piled on. Now having the all clear, being on the right meds and finally being able to work again, my new year’s resolution will be to keep being healthy and become fit and at my ideal healthy weight. Then, I can order some smaller sized TomboyX gear.”

Vicki, we can’t wait to send it to you! Keep up the great work and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!