How We Party

The New Year is just around the corner and we can't wait to greet it with our best! Whether it's a quiet time with loved ones, an all-nighter on the town or something in between, our team will be saying hello to 2016 in Full Tomboy Fashion. 


The team, from top and left to right: Shena, Pam, Naomi, Fran, Julie, Mellina, Mel, Samantha, Taylor and Jaimie 


The TomboyX Team 

Shena, Art Department- In a party dress and too much eye makeup, we head to our favorite local bar- which hosts a tent party with hundreds of people! Bubbly, friends, dancing, and covering my wife with lipstick are all on the agenda.
Pam,  MarketingPlaying poker with the kids, tons of snacks, Champagne, sparkling cider, Sunshine (our dog) under the dining room table waiting on delicious morsels to fall from the heavens. NYE kiss at midnight, just long enough to gross out the kids.
Naomi, Co- Founder & COO - I obnoxiously blow noise makers in my friend’s ears.Yep, I’m that friend.
Fran, Co-Founder & CEO - If able to stay awake, I celebrate with a glass of bubbly topped off with a kiss from my lovely wife. Then I go right back to sleep.
Julie, Product- Heat blowing at 10 in the convertible, driving up to the base to midnight ski in the torch parade; followed by s'mores and cheers by a fire.
Mellina, Marketing- Champagne. Bow Ties. Dirty Dancing. In bed by 5am.
Mel,  Shipping- This year, we are getting in a jacuzzi sized bath tub, and a bottle of wine.
Samantha, Shipping- A "Dr. Who" marathon while snuggled up with the dog :)
Taylor,  Shipping- Playing board games, poker, and Just Dance with a glass of bubbly (sparkling cider) in hand while staying up as late as we can.
Jaimie, Product- Getting together with friends and family to make sushi.  Proceed to eat enough sushi to put myself in a food coma and then get woken up right before Midnight to ring in the New Year.