TomboyX: Staking a Claim in Women's Fashion:


As a tomboy, I know firsthand how challenging it is to find clothes and accessories that fit my tomboy style. We've identified the TomboyX woman as an active, independent spirited woman who doesn't typically find herself portrayed in the fashion industry. Our fashion icons are Amelia Earhart and Katherine Hepburn. We don't aspire to be identified as 'butch' but we do think that women who identify as such will find items they like in our collection. TomboyX is more about an attitude, a swagger and an independent spirit.


So when curating product for the TomboyX brand, we are focused first and foremost on finding products that we think the TomboyX woman will love. These will not necessarily be the least expensive items on the market as we're focusing on sourcing quality items and craftsmanship. We have standards and we want you to know that when buying from TomboyX, you get quality you can depend on.

Our online store is a one-stop shopping boutique for the woman who doesn't want to spend hours online searching for the look she is after. We have chosen BedStu shoes, boots, bags and belts because we love the craftsmanship and quality. We've chosen Lucky Dog Leather because as a tomboy owned company, they know how make hand made beautiful leather bracelets, cuffs and belts that our woman loves.

With the same attention to detail, this week we introduced 4 new items - Darn Tough socks, FeFe designs silk scarves and bracelets and two hats from Coal Headwear: cute, fun, attractive pieces to accentuate the tomboy look. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Till next time,

Fran Dunaway and Team TomboyX