A good belt is hard to find!

We've been working hard to find brands that share our attention to quality, detail and style so when Lucia Gerbino from Lucky Dog Leather reached out to us, we knew we'd found a great match. All of her original designs are hand crafted in Los Angeles using only the finest leather, some of it imported from South America and Greece. You can order from several different sizes or if your sizing is unique, for an additional $5 she'll custom fit you. We think you'll agree, her leather belts, bracelets, cuffs and more will be the perfect enhancement to your tomboy style.

We are so excited to know that in less than 30 days we'll get the first delivery of our TomboyX collection! As an homage to some of our Kickstarter pioneers, we've given our shirts fun new names. The Sweet Caroline is our classic women's dress shirt, then there is the super comfortable Maggie Blazer, the fun LJ Polo (all cotton polo) and the durable Franco Polo (dri-release polo). The most exciting news about the Sweet Caroline and the Maggie Blazer is that we conservatively estimated manufacturing costs and will be able to offer them retail at a lower price than we had originally thought.

In the next few weeks we'll be making more exciting announcements as we continue to grow the TBx brand and add to our curated offerings that will enhance your tomboy look. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated on our progress and growth.

And as always, your comments, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome so please let us hear from you! If you find a brand you love and would like us to carry it, drop us an email. If you haven't 'liked' us on Facebook yet, you can join the over 1600 fans here.

Thanks to all for your support!


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