Celebrating a special mom on Mother's Day

Barbara Fusco - amazing momA few days ago Michele Fusco wrote in to tell us about her mom, Barbara Fusco, and why she's so amazing.

As a whole we were floored by her ability to stand strong through adversity and work to be the strength for her family.

Here's her story in the words of her daughter. We hope she inspires you as much as she has us.

"My mom Barbara overcame so much adversity in her life but never thinks twice about giving her all to her family.

She grew up as the daughter of an alcoholic father who never worked. Soon after marrying my dad, at 21 years old, she gave birth to twins, while still in nursing school. Eleven months later, she gave birth to her third child. That baby died of SIDS at the age of 2 months. 

In her early 30's she became the only breadwinner of our family when my dad became disabled due to a work injury. She has always made sure her children had everything they needed, always putting her family first. 

Numerous extended family members have moved in to my parents' house when those folks had nowhere else to go. Mom has taken care of several family members through terminal illnesses. When she retired from work as a nurse, she volunteered as a hospice nurse.

After 59 years of marriage, she is still taking care of my dad. Recently, she walked around on a broken leg for 3 months before it was diagnosed; then she had a major surgery to repair it, while still taking care of Dad and the house.

This woman is unstoppable, with an endless supply of love, and I want to be just like her."