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Hot damn if those two pieces weren't enough - we've got lots more exciting news to share!

Where to start???

There was lots of excitement on FB when we first introduced the idea having Oxfords as one of the curated items TomboyX featured. We didn't want to disappoint so this morning we added them for sale.

Aren't they gorgeous? 

 They're stocked so get those hardy Tomboy fingers a' clicking and check out the styles. Share with your fellow Tomboyista's and those who haplessly adore Tomboyista's. You know who we're talking about...

So where is the TomboyX Collection production at anyway???

Almost all of our fabrics have arrived and the factory in Seattle. There will be a longer wait for the Franco Argyle Polo as there was a delay in production at the mill where the fabric is actually created (or knit as our designer, Barb would prefer we say). Our 52,000 buttons have officially been dyed and are being picked up tomorrow.

Our estimated ship date to you all for the TomboyX Collection as per our factory is June 30th. We're chomping at the bit to get our amazing Kickstarter folks and those who've pre-ordered their shirts and blazers!

How did we name our Collection?

We named them after some of our most generous Kickstarter backers of course! If you haven't seen them check out the Sweet Caroline, Maggie Blazer, LJ & Franco Polos. It's been fun to finally give them names and personalities!

It's almost Mother's Day!

We want to celebrate moms everywhere so shoot us a message and tell us about your mom and how her spirit influenced you. We'll be looking to feature stories of mom's this weekend on our blog. Who knows... it could be yours!

We'd like to kick it off (pun certainly intended) by celebrating Michele Weingeist (pictured here) 

Mom + artist + kick boxer = Tomboy


And last but certainly not least, WE NEED FEEDBACK!

This is a soft launch for us as we'll be revamping the website once the TomboyX Collection is ready for sale. We're looking for feedback on how we can improve our site. If there's one thing we know, Tomboys aren't shy, so don't mince words. Tell us how we can make the site better and someplace you enjoy checking often.

We here at TomboyX HQ are eternally grateful for your continued support as we head down the difficult journey of launching a new clothing line and brand. It's taken us nearly two years to get here and we keep looking at each other and saying 'this is really happening!'. And more often than not, someone implores 'right?' And the chorus cries "Yes!".

Thank you for being part of that chorus.

Fran, Naomi, Barb and the countless invaluable friends and colleagues that continue to help us along this amazing ride.