Ch, ch, ch, changes...

Happy weekend!

We are thrilled by the article by Marti Jonjak in The Stranger this week! She's a very talented writer and she 'gets' it! Thanks Marti!

We're working on updates to the website for the next few days so please bear with us. Some exciting news is that you can now pre-order our TomboyX styles which have new names: the Sweet Caroline, the Maggie Blazer, the Franco Polo and the LJ Polo. That's right, we've named our styles after our top Kickstarter pioneers! We are working on a major revamping of the web site but in the meantime, we are live so go ahead and start shopping!

The Kickstarter aprons shipped today so if you pledged for one look for it in the mail next week. 

Tomorrow we are doing a photo shoot featuring real women wearing TomboyX gear and we'll be live blogging, so keep an eye out for that.

Curated items are on their way! We're cleaning out our closets, why not clean out yours, too? The shoes, belts and bags we're ordering are going to rock your world. Monday, we're meeting with a local company to talk about hats and sunglasses. We're scrutinizing every purchase for quality, craftsmanship and style. Soon, tomboys everywhere will be talking about how they've never had it so good!
As always, we'd love to get your feedback and comments so let us know what you think.
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