The BFF is back and we’re gonna call her Charlie. Hey la, Hey la, the BFF is back!


History Reprised.

TomboyX got its start after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. As part of the campaign we offered a $40 pledge level that included the original BFF t-shirt. In choosing the right shirt to put our logo on, we evaluated over 20 sample shirts. We chose the BFF because of the soft hand (how it feels in your hand), the comfortable fit (wasn’t made too tight fitting) and the cool contrast color stitching. In true startup fashion, we had just one sample made and took photos of it, and offered it on the Kickstarter campaign. This t-shirt became our best selling t-shirt of all time…and then the t-shirt company discontinued it.

 The Original BFF T-shirt!

An archive shot of the original BFF shirt. RIP old friend.


You see, we didn’t make the t-shirt but had found a wholesale company that would brand them for us. We do that with a few of our items but that has limitations. For example, most outside vendors only go from sizes S to XL. We want to have options for women of all sizes. Furthermore, most outside vendors offer a men’s fit, a woman’s fit or a unisex fit. They make the women’s shirts tight fitting and the sleeves shorter than we’d like. We have to go through piles of samples before we find one that feels really soft and isn’t scratchy or too thin. A unisex fit tends to be boxy and not flattering on any sex. And men’s fits are too long and too broad for most women’s bodies. And, working with outside vendors means we can’t control where they are made and we have no idea if they are ethically produced.


So when the vendor stopped making our BFF we were bummed. Because we’re a startup we had limited resources and opted to invest in making the most comfortable underwear that you’ve ever put on. But we never forgot about the amazing BFF. In fact, it’s my favorite t-shirt of all time and after wearing it for almost 3 years, it’s beginning to wear thin.

The original BFF T-shirt

Fran's Original BFF


So Julie got busy and found us a factory in Los Angeles. Naomi and I flew down and met with the owners.  We toured the factory and met some of the workers. We saw and felt various swatches of 100% cotton and we inspected their work. We then designed the new tee by making improvements on the BFF in fit, quality and fabric. We now have 3 color options and are really excited about some uniquely TomboyX details that we think you’re going to love! I’m particularly delighted with the glow in the dark TBx tab. :)

Julie in the Factory

 Julie in the factory - see the blue Charlie hiding under the Hellraiser tanks?


We have named the new t-shirt Charlie Tee after an investor that was also one of our early supporters. Charlie is a dear man who has devoted his life to helping disadvantaged people live with dignity and respect. We felt he was the perfect person to name your new favorite t-shirt after. So if you’re in need of a t-shirt that was made and designed with you in mind, if you want a high quality t-shirt that is so soft you’ll never want to take it off, if you want to support a clothing company that is BY TOMBOYS, FOR TOMBOYSTM, then the Charlie Tee is the answer. Made in the USA.


The new Charlie Tee Meet your new BFF, the Charlie Tee!

Buy it with the new CamJams and get special combo pricing. And as always, be sure to send us photos of you sporting the TomboyX look. That always brings a smile to our faces.